Author's Note:

I'd like to get right into it here and caution anyone reading this first chapter in my story. So…

WARNING: Violence and Non-con

If you are easily offended, then don't read this because I wanted it very clear that Caitlin started out in this story in a horrible way. The next chapter is much lighter as you will meet the werewolves. So there you go, you're warned and informed.

Enjoy and leave me some feedback. I thrive on constructive Criticism.

Also, for those curious Chimera means Fantasy, day-dream, or figment of the imagination.

Yes I chose it for a reason.


My parents were the first to die. Slaughtered in their bed before we'd even known something was in the house. It was my mother's screams that woke me. Panicked but groggy, I stumbled down the hall and paused at their open door before the scene within snapped me into full consciousness. My heart hammered against my ribs as if trying to escape my chest, my lungs stilled, and I was washed in what felt like icy water all at once. Already, it was too late, and the screams had faded to wet gurgles before heavy silence enveloped all.

There wasn't much left of my father but a thick, chunky mass across the floor. His face was an indistinguishable mash of red and black; still oozing into the carpet though he'd obviously gone first.

I knew this because the thing that killed him was still chewing on my mother.

Time seemed to freeze in place while I gazed into their bedroom, trying to understand what I was seeing. The creature itself was huge; the size of a bear yet shaped…odd. It crouched above my mother on four thickly corded legs, with paws the size of frying pans and claws that dripped ruby in the moonlight that streamed through the window. As I watched, frozen in my horror, the thing raised one of its paws and swiped down into my mother's stomach. The flesh tore wetly and the thing lowered its muzzle of glistening predator's teeth into her gut. It would have continued feasting undisturbed if my knees had not chosen that moment to buckle and send me falling back against the wall across from the doorway.

Holy. Shit.

The creature moved faster than should have been possible for something its size. It whipped around, tasting the air with a rumbling growl that sent my heart into more frantic pounding. I scrambled back up the wall, knocking pictures to the floor and ignoring the pain that came with stepping on the shattered glass. This couldn't be real. It didn't make sense! This creature wasn't a bear, or a wild dog, it was something I'd never seen before. Something I would have been happy to shove back into the dark planes of my nightmares, if only I could. Because surely, this was all in my head.

Another deep, encompassing growl and I found myself still again, caught in the monster's bright eyes. I'd read once that a man had survived a pack of wild wolves by starring the biggest right in the eyes. Something about asserting dominance and forcing them to see you as something other than prey; but the longer I gazed at it, the more I realized that it wasn't looking at me like an animal. The eyes didn't remain on mine, but roamed instead over me. They were far too intelligent for a simple beast, and that scared me more than anything. There was recognition there, instead of simple hunger. This didn't keep me from running.

Almost as soon as I'd pushed away from the wall, the creature slammed into it behind me. It had lunged and missed, but recovered fast. I screamed in terror and pain when its claws ripped down my back, shredding my oversized tee-shirt as well as my flesh. Hot breath rushed down over me when I stumbled to the floor. This time, when the beast growled, I felt the sound rumble through my chest and cried out. Reaching blindly, I took hold of the leg of our end table and swung it back at the creature. In my haste, however I'd forgotten the phone that had sat there, until it crashed down into the back of my skull. Dazed, I let myself roll to the side as the creature wheezed and shook its monstrous head. Was it…laughing?

"No!" the word tore from my throat in a ragged cry when powerful jaws closed around my entire shoulder, clamping down against the flesh painfully. I screamed in agony as it took hold of me and shook its head, ripping into me, but leaving me conscious. My left fist beat feebly at its face but the monster only gazed steadily into my eyes and tightened it hold until something snapped.

Another scream, though it was horse after all the others. Pain washed through me in hot waves, turning my stomach and blurring my vision with petrified tears. Even through this distraction, I noticed that something had changed. The creatures eyes, which had blazed golden fire, now darkened; bleeding to a deep, chocolate brown. This time, rational thought couldn't debunk it. These were the eyes of a man.

Even as I thought this, the creature seemed to change. To shrink. A succession of sickening crunches coupled the reshaping of joints and features. It seemed to be compacting; breaking itself into something else entirely. I cringed away from its dog-like whine of pain and clutched my shoulder as if it would stem the blood flow.

Was that the catalyst for this vision? Was blood loss turning a wild animal into another right before my eyes? It seemed entirely possible with the warm ooze of my blood that soaked into the carpet and slicked down my skin. Above me, the creature gave itself a fierce shake, shedding black fur and mass all at once. It no longer looked like a beast but…a man.

I struggled to find purchase on the damp carpet, desperate to get away from this impossible thing, but the monster's hand (as in fingers and opposable thumb) closed around my ankle and dragged me back down the hall. The grip was tight enough to roll bone and I whimpered, trembling when the…man…crouched over me. Unable to bare it all, I let my head loll to the side, eyes falling on the open door of my parent's bedroom.

"Mamma." I breathed.

"Long gone now, Kitten." The voice startled me with its gruffness. More a growl than actual words. "But look at you all fresh and squirming. Here I was all ready to eat and run." He leaned down, tilting his head to nuzzle against my throat and I went rigid. "Aren't you glad you stopped me?"

When I bucked him off with a cry, the monster only laughed. He let me fall over myself trying to crawl away, then swiped his arm back across my side. With a yelp, I was flipped onto my back, and a little more of my tattered shirt began to soak through with blood. Still laughing, the monster snatched up both my wrists and pinned them to the wet carpet. He swung a leg over me to hold me in place with his knees.

"No!" I screamed again, thrashing ineffectively under him. He was strong, frighteningly so, and barely moved at all despite my wildest efforts.

"Is that the only word you know?" He asked and for the first time I realized he was naked. This sent me into a fit of violent trembles as I tried to avoid any contact with his skin. The places he'd ravaged with teeth and claws had grown hot. They stung far worse then they should have and the feeling seemed to be spreading under my skin ever so slowly. Smiling amiably, the monster gathered my wrists in one hand and let the other trail down the inside of my arm.

"Well, now that we're getting to be such good friends, why don't you tell me your name?"

I stared at him blankly for a long moment while his fingers tickled back up to my wrists. He was insane, as well as a…thing. God, why was this happening? What had any of us done? Anger pushed, finally, through the oppressive fear and I clenched my jaw, speaking to him through my teeth.

"If you're going to kill me, then do it already. Stop dicking around."

I'm not sure how it came across, what with the tears that were leaking from my eyes. My voice, however, had been strong. The monster rolled his eyes, then without even a change of expression, reached up, grabbed my arm, and snapped it with a flick of his wrist.

This time, he covered my scream before I could make it and searched my eyes intently, the smile replaced by crazed focus. He looked wild, the dark brown of his eyes now fleck with gold.

"That's always the game isn't it? Give up or act tough." His hand slid from my mouth to grasp high on my throat and clenched down, claws pricking into my skin. "What did you think that would do?"

I gulped passed the pressure and whimpered. What had I thought?

"Or was it.." he trailed off, flashing that horrible smile again. I realized that he could have been attractive had I not just seen him feasting on my mother's intestines. "Did you think I'd make it quick?"

The question made me pause. He took this as a yes and laughed darkly. That wild glint in his gaze flashed and he swept it over me slow enough to make my breath hitch in fear.

"You look like a Candy Apple, Kitten," his smile was lecherous and frightening. "You know the ones at the carnival? All sticky and sweet"

I jerked away from his fingers when they grazed my shoulder, but he was too strong. Still holding me pinned to the damp carpet with his knees. I watched disgusted as he brought the digits to his lips, tongue darting out to lick them clean. His eyes rolled close a moment before he smiled dangerously.

"My favorite treat."

Absolutely insane. This thing was going to hurt me! Worse. I could feel it as he gazed steadily down at me and his eyes bled to a dark amber. Was this the sign? Would he become the creature again when they were gold and tear into my belly as he had my mother? Would he rip me to pieces after, like my father?

His claws moved to the collar of my ruined tee-shirt and he smiled down at me, flashing fangs. Realization hit me seconds before he jerked the fabric down and tore it loudly away. I burst into frantic movement, feeling the heat under my skin like never before. It ached, and I felt feverish, but none of it mattered. The monster easily kept me pinned as he wedged his knee between my thighs and forced them to part. My heart beat in my throat and I watched him utterly terrified.

"Come on, Kitten, play nice." He purred against my ear as I fought for my freedom like a wild woman. "You squirmy…little…thing," Stomach clenching, I felt his growing excitement against my leg. God no. Not this. I managed to wriggle free my good arm and pop him one across the jaw, but he only laughed, reaching between us to slice through the cotton of my panties.

"Stop!" I cried, fighting desperately to close my legs together, but he'd pinned my arm again and held his knee firmly between my thighs.

"Mmm. Keep thrashing, Kitty-cat, I like the way you feel beneath me."

My sob was desperate and pathetic then. I writhed, shaking and crying violently. The monster found this all very entertaining, but it didn't stop him from hooking my thigh up at his hip and grinding down against me.

"Please." The word was a harsh sob; my last ditch effort to a madman. He paused only a moment, and then only long enough to offer me a lust-colored smile and a gentle kiss at the corner of my mouth.

I've read about this in interviews and books. When a woman is being raped, they say that it's like her body releases her to hover above in a protective numbness. They say she waits there as a casual observer until the shock wears away. That in the end she just breathes, and waits for him to finish. That she can save herself from the disgusting horror of it all.

This is a lie.

You feel everything. Hear. Everything. And every little horrible thing he says to you, forces you to say, forces you to do; it's all burned into a special part of your mind that sticks it on repeat every time you close your eyes. That was the place I found myself as the world dimmed around me and the last of my blood seeped onto the floor. Limp and barely conscious, I was powerless as he brushed the hair from my throat and kissed the blood-slicked flesh there.

"It's been a laugh, Kitten." He murmured. I barely had the strength to wince when his teeth clamped down on the back of my neck, just behind my hair. It probably would have bled if my body had any to spare. "Can't forget the signature." I was beyond caring, or even understanding what that meant.

He smiled against my cheek and kissed me, his tongue curling around my teeth before he pushed to his knees. His grotesque shift back to the creature was blurred and fading, but I understood that I was dying.

Unfortunately the condition didn't last long, and when the first of the haze lifted and the murmur of voices tickle my conscious, I understood that everything was suddenly very different.

I was changed.


-clears throat-

The next chapter will be up, hopefully by tomorrow and will be a much…lighter turn of events. This was just the introduction.