I'm waiting for him to text me back. I don't know why, because I promised myself I wouldn't wait around for him again. But, here I am, waiting. Again. It's pathetic, right? You can admit that it is, I don't care. Well, I do care. But not as much as I used to. I used to hate girls who pined away for boys. Boys! Imagine that. What happened to girl power and the feminism movement? Apparently we still have the ability to fall in love and pine away for boys, that's what. I liked the idea that I was above pining (besides the fact that it did, indeed, remind me of the coniferous tree). I liked to believe I didn't wait around. I didn't even wait for green lights or elderly people. I was impatient, sure, but it had saved me many times in the past. Kind of.

Like I said, I'm waiting for him to text me back. We had a fight, you see. A fight that was all his fault. Of course. He'd probably deny it, though, the bastard, but it's true! Or, it wouldn't have escalated if it wasn't for him. I was just expressing my distaste at his actions the previous night. He went out bowling. With all his friends. I'm not upset that I wasn't invited (okay, maybe just a little) because I was asleep and I had a headache earlier that night. I was mainly upset that he had been complaining (all night long) about being soooo tired. And then, Mr. I'm-So-Tired went bowling with his friends.

Then he has the nerve to send me angry texts after I confront him on this matter. Can you believe that? I certainly can, because it happened. That jerk.

Oh, it gets better. He says he wasn't pissed off at me! What a lying.. But really. Sometimes I don't understand boys. Like, really, I know he was mad at me. I know he thinks I'm a controlling, self-centered, bitch. But he's the one in love with me! He could go date somebody else if he wanted to. I could go date somebody else if I wanted to. Hell, I could have any boy I wanted! But I'm waiting for him to text me. I don't know why I wait around for him all the time. All I want is an apology. Maybe a hug. Is a kiss too much to ask for? Or chocolates? Even a Coke would do, to be honest. Not that I'm spoiled, no way.

I'm waiting for that stupid boy to text me back. Because you know what? I think I'm in love with him, too.