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I walked down the hallway to the gymnasium. The word "Thunder" glowed faintly on my wristband. He was with me. I could do this. As long as I had back up there was nothing to stop me.

The basketball nets in the gym were down and the team was practicing. On the bleachers sat a young man the same age as me with black hair and a pale face. At the sight of him I reeled around to run into Crystal giving me a stern look. There goes my can-do attitude.

"Where do you think you're going?" Crystal accused. The red circles around her gold eyes made her look almost vicious.

"Umm, that way?" I pointed behind her.

"No way. Not going to happen! You are going to march up there and sit with him!" Crystal demanded.

"But I can't!" I cried trying to break past her. She tripped me and I nearly did a face plant to the ground. There was no way she was going to let me go back now.

"Why? Because you're too chicken?" Crystal asked as she helped me up.

"That's exactly why." I said.

"Well then, do I need to call Thunder to drag you by the shirt over too him? That might work; it's a great conversation starter." Crystal smiled.

"Um… No thanks." I wasn't sure if she was kidding or not.

"Look, we already know he's one of us so you can tell him everything. No secrets! It's so perfect its insanity. Now go over there and remember; Thunder and I are right behind you." Crystal reasoned. My wristband glowed brighter making it obvious Thunder agreed.

"Fine," I moaned, "but you have to give me a push."

Crystal shoved me so hard I almost smacked my head on the side of the bleachers. I turned around to give her a death glare and she smiled innocently at me, brushing her blonde hair out of her face.

A voice came up from behind me, "Are you okay?"

I looked up to see where the voice came from. He was sitting just above me in the bleachers with his black hair slightly covering his face; his blue eyes had lighter blue specks in them with circles of red around his irises, just like the rest of us "Oh! Hi. Yeah, I'm fine. I just have violent friends."

"Yeah my friends can be kind of rough too." He smiled. "Hey, umm, do you want to sit with me? I just finished up some homework and I'm sort of bored."

"Err, sure." I got off the ground and climbed the bleachers up to him. "My name is Lur by the way."

He beamed. "My name's Elijah. Hey, aren't you in my Spanish class?"

So he actually had noticed me before. "Yeah but I sit in the very front. Mrs. Pises keeps trying to get me to sing. Honestly, I think she was dropped on the head as a child." I laughed, of course, at my own joke.

At least he seemed to think it was funny too. "Nah, I think she was born with brain damage." He smirked. After a few minutes of us talking, I saw Crystal go up behind him and point to her watch; we had to leave soon.

"Well, my friend is getting impatient. I'd better go." I started getting up and Crystal glared at me. "Hey, all my friends are getting together later at my house. Would you like to come?" She relaxed and I knew I would have been electrocuted if I had gone through all that trouble and not have asked him.

"Me?" I didn't understand why he seemed so stunned. "Sure! What time?"


"Cool, I'll be there."

"See you then. Remember, my house is the one with a lot of trees." I smiled and walked away.

"Ha ha, yeah, I'll remember." He called. Of course he would remember. Who didn't know I was the kid who lived on Allegeable Forest Preserve?

Crystal and I walked home together as usual. Once we were far enough away from the school, Thunder appeared next to me with his jet black fur brushing against my leg and his gold eyes full of loyalty. The three of us walked home in near silence. Well, maybe they were talking but I was too lost in thought to notice or join in. When we got to the preserve gate, I looked up to see Simon staring down through light blue and white eyes at us from his usual spot in a nearby tree. He smiled brightly and his light brown hair wisped behind him as he jumped down onto Crystal.

As he jumped on her she screamed and zapped him. He fell to the ground with his hair standing straight up from the electricity. Crystal and I laughed hysterically at him as he pulled himself up.

Simon muttered, "Geez, someone's grumpy." And he blew a gust of wind at us. We glared at him and I pulled a rock from in front of him, causing him to trip, while Crystal zapped him again. When he looked up from the ground, we started cracking up and Thunder gave us a bizarre look that said, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

After we calmed ourselves down, we all walked down to the Big House, the mansion on the preserve where we spent most of our time. Right as I opened the door, Mia came out of nowhere yelling "Lur!" and tackled me in a bear hug.

"Stop touching me!!" I complained.

She just giggled, "What? I can't be happy to see you?"

"You saw me yesterday, stupid! Now, LET GO OF ME!" I yelled and she rolled to the floor in a fit of laughter, her orange-tinted yellow eyes alive with excitement.

Everyone around us started chuckling; leave it to Mia to make everyone laugh. I sighed and went to help her up but Leo was already on it. I smiled at him and he rolled his yellow eyes, tinted with orange and blue, in fake exasperation turning my smile into a smirk.

"Shall we go outside and practice?" I asked. When everyone nodded we went out behind the Big House. Mia was getting so hyped up that flames were coming from her nose as she breathed and Crystal was making no effort to cover up how bored she was as she passed electricity back and forth between her fingers. Simon was swing his sword in a circle using wind to spin it while Leo blew rusty colored hair out of his face and nearly lit it on fire. I sat there drawing pictures in the ground while drawing the same pictures on a piece of paper. We all got impatient when waiting for our bonds to come.

First to arrive was Thunder; he had just gone out in the forest for a run so I hadn't taken him long to get back. He formed out of a rock next to me. He was a Ground Wolf so that was how he traveled- taking form out of any earth substance. We chatted as we waited for the rest to arrive.

Next to get there was Isa, a Static Cougar bonded to Crystal. Static Cougars are small cougars made of electricity that can speak like a human and travel through power lines. She appeared from the Big House generator and plopped down next to Crystal purring. Her green eyes were locked in on Crystal's power surges going back and forth from one hand to the other.

Not long after Isa came, we all saw two figures up in the sky. They were the same size but one was blue and the other orange. Rory and Aarone, the dragons, had come. Blue Aarone landed next to his bonded, Leo, and Rory next to her bonded, Mia. Both dragons were about a foot taller than their partners and were overly energetic. Mia and Leo took off on their backs; they would tell us when Arius, Simon's griffin, came.

When Arius finally arrived, the two dragons swooped down with him and took their places. We were all paired up with our bonds and facing our fencing partners. Each pair was together: Leo and Mia; Simon and Crystal. That just left me. I was used to being the odd one out but for some reason I felt really left out this time. Probably because I knew he was coming and the anticipation was killing me.

When Leo looked around at the pairs and saw Thunder and I off to the side of the clearing, like always, he said, "We need more guys. We're out numbered."

But this time instead of everyone just looking down and feeling bad for me, Mia piped up, "Leo, haven't you heard? Lur finally got the guts to ask that kid!"

I face turned bright red as both the guys stared at me. The girls both knew of course, "Umm, Yeah. He'll be here soon actually." I looked at my watch. It was 5 o'clock. "He's coming in half an hour…"

The two boys' jaws dropped. "You mean we are getting a new teammate in half an hour and you didn't tell us?!" Simon said.

"Who cares about time? Who is it?" Leo inquired.

"Umm, his name is Elijah…" I trailed off blushing and turned away.

"You mean the kid that moved here last month?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, that's him." I answered.

"Hmm, he didn't seem that bad." Leo thought.

"Yeah, Yeah. Can we train before he comes?" Crystal was getting impatient.

"Well, why don't we just hang out until he gets here? We can train with him." Mia said in her sing song voice.

Crystal rolled her eyes, "If he'll train with us. He'll probably be freaked out."

"That's true." Mia agreed, "But we can still just mess around. We don't have that long anyway."

Crystal hated wasting time. "Fine."

We only had about 15 minutes left to wait so I asked Simon if he would face me in a quick sword fight. Simon agreed and I already knew I would lose; Simon was the best sword fighter out of all of us. His blade was custom made, like all of ours, and had the design of a griffin etched into it.

I managed to keep up with him for about 10 minutes before he disarmed me. He knocked my feet out from under me and I was pinned to the ground with his blade at my neck. His eyes lit up at his victory and he let me up. Before we had the chance to start a new match, I heard the doorbell ring in the Big House. He was here.