Leo bust through the back door and jumped on top of Delaney, dagger to her throat. Delaney fell back hard, hitting her head on the tile floor of the kitchen. Mia followed behind Leo, flames gloving her hand.

"Who is this?!" Leo demanded.

"Leo! Mia! Calm down!" I shouted, "That's Delaney; she saved Simon's life."

Leo didn't move. "What? What happened?"

"Lur, what happened to your arms?!" Mia exclaimed, noticing the gashes on my upper arm.

"I'll explain in a minute. Please, Leo, let her up," I begged.

Delaney had stared, startled until now. "I swear; I would never hurt anyone here," She gasped.

Leo grunted and slowly got off of her; Mia's flames went out. I sighed in relief and led the three of them, Leo still eying Delaney, to the library. Crystal was hovering over her brother; Rowan was leaning against the side of the couch, eyebrows tight with stress; Tristan was playing a tune on his flute, and Terry was asleep on the floor next to him. Thunder, Duke, and Kun had stayed outside to keep Arius company.

Leo and Mia gasped when they saw Simon unconscious on the couch. Delaney hovered with Crystal-on the opposite side of the couch, of course. Leo rushed to Simon's side, Mia right behind him.

Leo jerked around at me. "What happened?"

"I'll explain once Elijah gets here," I told him.

"Were you attacked?" He persisted.

Crystal snorted, "Well, let's take a moment to look around. Does it look like we were attacked?"

Crystal was right; evidence of the battle was written on all of us. Besides Simon being in bad shape, each of us had earned a new set of scars. Crystal had deep cuts down her arms and a few on her face, a bruise on her cheek, and had limped home with us. Rowan claimed his head was ringing, and his shirt had a few stained lines of red. Tristan was covered in scrapes and bruises, and though he didn't have many major injuries, his right arm had a fairly deep gash in it. Terry had stayed out of the way during the fight and only had scraped knees to show. Delaney, although she didn't seem hurt, must have had massive bruises on her shoulders and back from hitting the ground so many times. My injuries were the least, minus Terry; my guilt came rushing back.

"Fine," Leo said grimly, "Why haven't you been treated?"

It was my turn for sarcasm. "Yes, because no doctor would ask where we got all these injuries, and it's just so easy to find medical supplies lying around in an old mansion."

"Yeah, what were we supposed to tell them?" Tristan piped up, stopping his tune, "We fell out of a tree?"

Leo sighed, defeated, "Okay, let's work on cleaning everyone's wounds, starting with Simon." His dad was a doctor and he helped out every so often.

"I'll go back to your house and grab some supplies," Mia offered.

"That would be great," Leo said, and kissed her.

Mia took off towards the back door, in even more of a hurry than her usual way. The doorbell rang and I let Elijah in.

So, this is where I left off on this... I plan to rewrite it. It just ended up bad. Um, sorry to those who enjoyed this! I have other stories that are top priority before rewriting this, but I'll get around to it.

Again, so sorry!