The rain falls
Against glass walls.
The sound is soothing;
Moods are smoothing.

I go out as night's small sliver
To be lost in the claming silver.
The tempest expells nostalgic fear—
Tonight the skies will help shed my tears.

I feel cold, but I feel free.
As I lean against a tree;
Watching the drops scatter like quicksilver,
Setting all my senses aquiver.

I hear the laughter of days long gone,
The memoric wind sweeps the lawn;
As I stand, alone in the rain,
I smile for it relieves my pain.

As the wind howls and bends,
It leaves my heart, good to mend.
I revel in the serene, dark storm
Embracing the night, forgetting its form.

A talon of light streaks the clouds
And strikes my tree; the sound is loud.
It burns and guard is down!—
So I burn and fall, and break my crown.