Nightdreams. Nightmares.

As you lie asleep in bed
With dancing sugarplums in your head
Your thoughts would be filled with dread
If you knew in the morning you'd find,
I'd chopped off your top,
And I left it behind!

You should find it was all meaningless
And now seeming, this,
Is a perfect time
To go and hide.

Though I won't.

I'll take my pride,
And shame
My glory,
Its fame.

I'll inhale it
Believe it
I'll see it
I'll be it.

I competed with myself
When I repeated myself
And I leaded myself
To my glorious finale.

And when it's all over
I'll relive it.

That unforgettable look
When it was your life that I took
It'll all be remembered
They thanked God when I surrendered.