Lesbians! Gays! Bisexuals! Transgenders!

Do I now have your attention?

The world is a rainbow

With people the flavor of fruit

The world is full of Skittles™

And we are each strawberry, orange,

Lemon, lime, and grape flavored.


Some Skittles™ like other Skittles™

And the other Skittles™ in the bag don't

Think that it's right

It's not right

To think that it's not right

Skittles™ should love each other

No matter what

Even though other Skittles™ think that it's

Wrong and disgusting

At least they have someone to love

The narrow-minded Skittles™ are just jealous

The world is a bag of Skittles™ and I

Just love every other flavor of Skittles™

They are my friends, and they are awesome

I don't care if they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender

Strawberry, lemon, or lime.

They're my friends


Taste the rainbow.

I 3 this poem out of every single other poem I have ever written. EVER.