A/N: In a land called the 'Jonnie Alternate Universe', we get this story. Ryder still hurt his hip from the three-story fall, has lived through his attempted suicide, and Monika is pregnant with a kid of unknown fathering. Everything after that is complete made-up crap, with maybe a speck of truth behind it in the form of memories that never made it into the last story. I'm sorry if some of you get confused, but it should clear up soon. Understand that Jonnie the Sequel was making me relive dark times and feelings I'm not ready to face. This story, however unrealistic, is my therapy. For now, just sit back and enjoy.




I stepped off the plane with my carry-on in hand, along with my laptop for any overlays in-between flights. I walked through L.A.X. in a hurry, only hoping I was heading the right way, as only all people can in an airport as large as that. I searched the vast crowds for my parents, who had promised they were going to pick me up.

My mom was overjoyed to see me, and hugged me tightly until I had to remind her to let me breath again. My father was ready with a couple flowers taken from our home garden, and I thanked him gratefully.

The glitz, glamour and good times in New York were done, and I was back on West coast soil. I welcomed the warmth, the blue sky, the smell of ocean. It was over ninety degrees out, and it was the middle of December. How awesome is California?

Don't get me wrong, I already missed school, but I couldn't stand being away from all I knew for so long. I finished out the semester and transferred back, and now it was back to the boonies I went. It was a fate I dreaded, though I adored my house, I hated the distance from any populated area. People out there could get murdered, and there would be no one around to hear the screams.

Once home, I cuddled my long lost dog Vincent for a few hours. When we were properly reacquainted, I settled down on my bed and logged into Myspace, A.K.A. my only link to my friends around home. I had about a million comments of "are you back yet?" and "When are you coming to visit the dorm house?" and "Now that you're back, I think we should celebrate with the loss of your virginity." That last one was very obviously Trent.

I replied to Jonah, Trent, Sean, Rachel, Cat, and Danny with assurance that tomorrow I would make a trip into their part of town specifically with the intent of seeing them. Then, I saw Ryder on Trent's top 8, and I lingered on the sight. Ryder's default picture was a black and white of him kissing Monika's very pregnant stomach. It was a sight that made me a little queasy. I decided to click on Ryder's page to see if it had changed since I last seen it and a further attempt make me sick. Monika was first on his top friends, while I wasn't even present. His comment list was plagued with mushy talk from Monika. Her default picture was a recent shot of her kissing Ryder. More nausea.

I suppose it was best I did the Myspace-stalker thing, to mentally prepare myself for seeing him the next day. We hadn't seen one another in a long time, we hadn't even talked for months, so I had no idea what to expect. We had both moved on, had significant others since. So, there shouldn't be any unpleasantness left, should there? I was supposed to be over this. He was obviously over me, so that meant I had to get beyond whatever lingering attraction to him might remain. Life had moved on, and I had too.

We'd soon see if that feeling could withstand the sight of him.


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