Once in a distant land, there was a village. The village had three important people.

The first was the village elder, the oldest of them all and builder of the village. The second was the leader of a foreign group of travelers, often regarded with deep suspicion. And finally was the chief of refuges of a nearby village destroyed by war.

The three leaders and their followers all viewed each other suspiciously. The village elder believed that since they started the village, they and only they should be allowed to live there. The foreigners were from across the wavy mountains, where a powerful kingdom, once threatened the village, so they are not trusted. The refugee leader was not trusted, because he and his people worship a mysterious "glorious leader", who they claim is all powerful. Because of they always talked about him, people grew annoyed and believed they were not working for the greater good of the village.

Then one day a monster arrived. This monster is strange and confusing. It has the ability to tunnel underground, only revealing its head to suddenly eat its victims. Armed with many tentacles and without anyway to catch it by surprise this monster swallowed and ate many people. Filled with fear, many people left the village. In desperation, the three important villagers held a meeting with a fortuneteller.

"This monster is called the Chaos Beast! It will go to wherever people don't trust each other and fight each other. It thrives on the chaos forged by the fighting. The monster will eat and eat until everyone is gone, unless the infighting chaos is gone or if it is killed," declared the Fortuneteller.

"Unite? With them? Never! I shall use my money to hire mercenaries to kill the monster," declared the villager elder.

"Unite? With them? Never! I shall lead my people to kill the monsters. With our experience at fighting, the monster will soon succumb to our superior fighting skills," declared the foreign leader.

"Unite? With them? Never! I shall pray to the glorious leader that he will help us slay the monster," declared the refugee leader.

So they each went with their own plan. Using his wealth, the village elder hired some of the best mercenaries to be found. The Foreign Leader gathered all of their best warriors to fight the beast. The Refugee Leader held large meetings, where he and his followers prayed to the Glorious Leader. Then they met at their main hall, where they started to argue, because of their differences.

"Bah, we don't need your experience or your stinking Glorious Leader. Our successful attempt to make lots of money will allow us to hire the mercenaries needed to kill the monster. We would much rather just go and start another village than work with you," shouted the village elder, "we had no troubles like this until you came."

"We are just trying to help you fools. We mean no harm!" retorted the Foreign Leader.

"Fear not, the Glorious Leader will lead us to victory against the evil monster," declared the Refugee Leader.

Then they argued among themselves. As they argued, the Monster rose out of the ground and began whipping its tentacles around grabbing everyone nearby. Then it began eating them.

"Attack!" ordered the village elder and the mercenaries rush forward to attack the monster.

"Attack!" ordered the Foreign Leader and his warriors ran forward.

"Glorious Leader give me the strength to kill the monster!" shouted the Refugee Leader as he rushed forward leading his followers.

The mercenaries and the foreign warriors got into each other ways. Both groups disintegrated into a confused mob. The refugees got trampled by the mob, which tripped the mob and sent them to the ground. In the confusion, the monster ate many more people before disappearing.

The result was terrible. There were few mercenaries left. Many foreigners were wounded and unable to fight. Many of the refugees were trampled and injured.

Now there is not enough money to hire more mercenaries. Nor is there enough time for the foreigners or the refugees to recover from their wounds before the monster eats more people.

In worry, the three important villagers met again.

"I fear we must unite together," announced the village elder, "I do not have enough money left to hire more mercenaries."

"Many of best warriors were wounded. There are not enough left to slay the monster alone," replied the Foreign Leader.

"The Glorious Leader has deserted us, because he frowns on disunity. I will follow his will and unite with you two," said the Refugee Leader.

The three groups united and the monster arrived to finish them off.

Immediately, the foreigners ran forward head on distracting the monster. The mercenaries attacked the distracted monster from behind. Both sides shot many arrows at the monster and many of its tentacles was chopped off, but it advanced. Wounded, but not dead.

At this point, a refugee charged at the monster with a vial of poison. He drank it and then jumped into the monster's gaping mouth.

"For the Glorious Leader!" he screamed before the monster ate him.

The monster shuddered painfully and died from the poisoning. The teamwork between the three groups killed the monster. After this, they embarked onto an era of peace and prosperity. They never really liked each other, but now they respect and trust each other and together they built expanded the village into a city that attracted people from around the continent. Eventually, the descendents of the villagers built a great nation!

The Moral of This Story:

You must work together as a team for any great achievement. United you will go far, but divided you shall collapse, monster or no monster.