~Monstrous Heart~

I've been looking at the sky,
waiting for the sun to rise.
Will the light finally come to me?

It's true that I'm ugly,
too ugly to see,
too ugly to look into the mirror.

I'm afraid,
frightened perhaps,
for my ugliness is spreading
across my heart,
within my body,
and bit by bit
consumes the inner me.

The mirror will break.
and shatter
into a million pieces.
and I,
she, my reflection,
will stare at me,
smiling ruefully
at what I have become....

a monster.

I've written this poem a while ago and I didn't bother changing it a little. I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading :)

And once again, I do not really know which catagory this poem should be in.


ps. By the way, I know frightened and afraid means the same thing but in my opinion, frightened is worst than being afraid xD