Oh Love, sweet Love,

I keep my eyes wide open

Just to watch every single moment

That passes without you in sight.

The world is filled

With pieces of everything,

Yet I only see the empty space

That I know is meant for you.

With every disappointment

Of a fruitless search,

My heart weeps

More and more,

But in painful silence

And in the agony

Of hopeless optimism.

Oh Love, sweet Love,

I whisper to you every time,

Even in my sleep

While I dream.

I tell you how much I yearn

For your company,

Although it seems like

You don't hear me.

I dare not shout

For you might get frightened

And might not come at all.

How would I live then?

I do not know.

Oh Love, sweet Love,

How long must you keep me waiting?

My body is weary,

My mind is in chaos,

And my heart is unfeeling

From a constant rupture of loneliness.

It plagues me like the parasites

That suck the life out of the living,

And I must remind you,

I will not live forever.

Do not think faultily of it,

As inadequate as it may be,

Your cruelty is what precedes,

But I refuse

To come undone.