Today, Every Day Since

Today, I met him

The warm wind blew noisily against the window pane. The street was neat, orderly and seemed to be almost shy. A lone cat could be seen sunning himself on the pavement, a raven cawing distantly. It all seemed perfect, picture perfect. Inside the house, pandemonium reigned.

"Ethan! Ethan if you keep pulling, mummy's pants will fall down." Ethan bit his lip and tugged so hard, his mother really was groaning in agony.

"Ethan, please." She picked her baby boy off the carpet and hoisted him onto her hip. He was nearing three years of age but the little child looked and weighed the same as an anorexic poodle.

His dark hair was lush and curled messily around his ears, eyes the colour of melted chocolate, he had a nice and neat set of white teeth and just to prove the point, all his nails were chewed to the brink.

Everyone said Ethan looked like his gorgeous father, but no one seemed to ever mention, who that was. At this moment, none of that mattered, because his mother was trying to kill him, trying to kill him for good.

"Ethan hands out of your mouth." She pried his hands away and looked nervously out the door. "Ethan, Ethan."

Did she believe calling his name repeatedly would get him to surrender?

"Mummy! Mummy I want to-to go homie!" He shoved his little fist back into his mouth.

"You are home darling! Look how beautiful this place is!" As if to prove her point, she swung her son around happily and bashed his head against the door frame.

Ethan began to wail loudly. "Oh! Oh baby! I'm so sorry Ethan!" She jiggled him lovingly and cradled his hurt head. "Look! They're here!"

Ethan was carried outside and on to the heated porch, the sudden light change made him blink rapidly and see dark spots in the air. Perplexed he stopped his tears and gawked happily at the sky. His mother had better ideas for his attention.

"Look Ethan! That's Mrs Jive who's going to be our new neighbour now! She's going to help us settle in and her son is your age too. You two are going to have so much fun!" With this she plopped Ethan on the hot porch and greeted Mrs Jive with a warm hug. Ethan didn't mind, the ground was scorching his legs, it felt comfortable and funny.

"You must be the sweetheart!" Mrs Jive tapped his nose fondly, it made Ethan sneeze. "This is my son Eric. Come here Eric!"

A little boy bounded across to Ethan, no seriously, he bounded. His little chubby face, to his little chubby hands, to his little chubby stumps bounced with the motion of running. He stared down at Ethan with his crystal blue eyes. His fine blonde hair stuck to his forehead from sweat. He blinked once and grinned, showing off the large gap between his teeth. It was Ethan's turn to blink, he stared a little longer, at this oversized beast of a boy named Eric and then...Ethan cried.


Today, I talked to him

Ethan went to kindergarten in his 'hometown' as well. That's what mummy said it was, it was Ethan's hometown and one day they were going to go back there. Ethan didn't want to stay in this scary, unfamiliar place, but mummy bought him a giant teddy bear so he wouldn't complain. Ethan stopped complaining.

Now he's sitting in a little plastic chair, next to a little plastic table that has a little plastic bowl filled with tasteless spaghetti. Ethan poked the gooey stuff with his fork and turned his nose with disgust. His mummy made very tasty spaghetti.

Ethan ignored the mush and gazed around the room instead. He didn't know anyone. There was that blonde girl who smiles at him, the boy who likes to grab the teacher's bottom, the teacher who gets her bottom grabbed and eight other children that Ethan didn't know. Well, that was apart from...Eric.

Ethan turned to scowl at Eric, who was sitting with him. He was likely to be on a mission from his mother to take care of Ethan. Eric wasn't doing a great job, as he seemed a lot more interested in shovelling food into his mouth. Ethan scrunched his nose.

"Do you talk?" Eric inquired with spaghetti sauce smeared across his face; blue eyes were eyeing Ethan's unfinished plate greedily.

Ethan nodded once.

"You talkie?" Eric grinned happily.

Ethan nodded twice.

" wants dat?" Eric pointed a tentative finger at the spaghetti.

Ethan shook his head.

"C-Can I have it?" He licked his lips and widened his baby blues.

Ethan nodded; mummy had taught him to be generous.

After Eric had finished his second helping, with even more spaghetti sauce on his face; he turned his attention back to Ethan.

"Mummy said I should be nicey to you."

Ethan nodded again.

"We're friends right?" Eric beamed and pawed his face, getting sticky sauce all over his fingers.

Ethan shook his head.

"W-W-Why?" He seemed shocked.

"Face is ugly." Ethan stated matter-of-factly.

"W-W-What?" Eric's eyes bulged.

"You has ugly face."


Today, I looked at him

Eric Jive is hot. At least that's what all the girls say, written with little love hearts in their notepads.

Eric had lost all his puppy fat, he plays sports, does music, takes gentleman's class and at the ripe age of twelve years, he was Shayleigh Primary's most wanted. Eric had hidden under all that chubby, a defined angular jaw and high sharp cheekbones. His eyes had only grown a brighter and more vibrant blue through the years and after learning how to eat properly, you could finally see his red and shaped lips. When Eric smiles, girls swoon as he flashes his white and perfectly straight teeth, apparently all it took was a little twisting at the dentist.

Eric Jive no longer owned an ugly face.

"Are you staring at me?" Eric turned towards the corner and raised his eyebrow at Ethan.

"No." Ethan frowned at him, since he didn't have enough skill to raise an eyebrow.

"It's fine to admit it. I know I would stare." Asshole.

"No thank you." Ethan turned back towards his notes.

His perfectly aligned notes, written in a dramatic fancy scrawl, highlighted in all the colours of the rainbow to tag different areas, little post-its stuck to the page reminding Ethan about special points, and looking at it made Ethan smile. He liked to be organised, prepared for class and most importantly, Ethan just liked to succeed.

He had also learnt, to succeed you had to make sacrifices. One of those sacrifices just so happened to be a life. Ethan hadn't always been so unsociable, distant, stony and harsh. Well actually, he may have to admit to being born blunt. It wasn't all Ethan's fault; he had been scarred last year, in a way he shall never recover from.

A girl had asked to copy his homework. Yes, Ethan was generous, as his mother had always taught him to be generous. So he had turned to her and nodded. She proceeded by leaning down, smiling sweetly under that evil plotting mind and attacked him in the face. She had put her nose against his ear and her 'labia oris' had touched his cheeks.

Ethan Ponto isn't generous anymore.

"You are such a nerd." Ethan looked up at Eric, he was lazily propping his chin and smirking smugly at him.

"You are an asshole." Ethan folded a page in his notes; he would need to revise this one.

"I taught you that word." Eric laughed at the irony, it was musical and giggly. The boy may have been spending too much time with his groupies.

"Your laugh is giggly." Ethan picked up his pink highlighter.

"So it is." Ethan began highlighting specific dates in his English notes, Eric pouted at the inattention. "Stare at me."


"Stare at me." Eric said this as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Ethan could only stare in shock. No, he wasn't obeying Eric! He was just shock, yes that's what it was. Eric's blonde eyelashes glowed golden from the setting sun, his distinguished features relaxed and sleepy, his eyes blue and still piercing under his half closed eyelids, his pointed pink tongue sliding across his red bottom lip, his fine blonde hair in a messy heap so much better than Ethan's messy heap, his slender throat leading to the opened buttons of his uniform and Ethan watched Eric take a swallow, following it down to his sharp collarbone.

"What do you see?" Eric's face broke into an easy smile, it promised of eternal happiness and bliss.

"I see an ugly face." Ethan should consider something in the lying business. Con Artist? Actor? Advertising? Sales Person? Politic? Boyfriend?

Eric just laughed, musical and giggly.


Today, he looked at me

Ethan became a vegan. They had watched a documentary in school on 'The Cycle of Life' and after that, Ethan was no longer able to look at his steak. So now the Ponto household is strictly a vegetarian sanctuary, stray animal rescue centre and very Christian.

Ethan couldn't understand cruel and ignorant meat eaters. Meat eaters like Eric.

Tonight Eric wore a tailored charcoal pinstripe suit; everyone was wearing a suit tonight. Ethan's mother had attacked many shops to achieve the black tuxedo fitted comfortably upon him right now. Sadly he had better plans for it.

It was their Secondary Graduation Ceremony. Which basically was the school gathering in the lecture hall, graduating class' parents with pieces of paper being handed out. It was truly a vintage tradition, whilst the principal was more an antique than anything.

Ethan fished his medication out of his pockets.

"Are you taking drugs?" Eric looked eagerly at the bottle in Ethan's hands.

They were both situated on the stage, as both were giving speeches in the ceremony tonight. Ethan was still bitter about this fact, he had indeed spent all his time and effort upon achieving excessively academically and it was only what he deserved to become valedictorian. This boy beside him had spent his weekends partying, his afternoons with his tongue down a pretty girl's throat and his hand on her ass, Ethan would know since he lives next door. Yet Eric had still scored second highest in the grade, how is this fair in the slightest?

"I'm taking dietary supplements." Ethan miffed.

"They're still drugs." Eric grinned; his teeth were just as white and perfect as they always were.

His blonde hair had been gelled back for the occasion. Instead of making him look dorky, the boy was screaming of sophistication. He had also discovered the wonders of streaking this last year and his new dirty blonde look, ensured a steady stream of tonguing candidates. Ethan imagined flamethrowering that hair, he was so sick of watching Eric kiss girls.

"Yes, Eric. They're still drugs." Ethan rolled his eyes.

"Then c-can I have one?" Eric's eyes were bright and hopeful; he still could manage that puppy dog look, twelve years from that sorry kindergarten incident.

"No." Ethan wasn't generous. Plus, Eric didn't need dietary supplements since he still sinks his teeth in cow buttocks.

So Eric pouted and he pouted and pouted. He pouted all through his opening speech, which made the girls at the front, giggle with glee. He sulked through the principal's ancient drawl and gave depressing thanks while receiving his graduation certificate. It was only when Ethan was getting ready for his valedictorian speech that Eric became interested.

"What are you doing?" Ethan was reaching behind his seat and out emerged a large colourful poster-like contraption.

"I'm getting ready for my speech." Ethan grinned and...started unbuttoning his tux.

"What are you doing!" Eric watched in amazement as Ethan worked off his tuxedo and his shirt. He began panicking around the time Ethan kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his pants.

"Speech." By the time Ethan was in his underwear, teachers were making their way towards him.

"Ethan! Ethan! Wait, no!" Eric's blue eyes widened. "Oh."

Ethan snatched up the poster and raced to the lectern, all the adults seemed so shocked that their valedictorian was naked, they all forgot about stopping him in his nakedness.

"Stop Animal Cruelty! It is a malicious, evil, horrid and sinful way of life! We should be doing something for the pandas! Recycle for the penguins! Donations to Bengal tigers! I will lead you guys into my dream! We shall start small! Firstly we will be changing all meals in the cafeteria to vegan! Then from there we shall-"

It was around this time that Ethan was tackled by the science teacher and carried in the nude, out into the side room. Eric could only stare at the place Ethan had been, the lectern covered Ethan from the rest of the audience but from this side of the really had been quite a view. Porcelain skin, his naturally curly hair now always straightened, delicate shoulders, sharp shoulder blades, thin waist, girly hip bones and oh...his, his.

Eric laughed, musical and husky.


Today, he touched me

Ethan sat on the side of the road. His mother had screamed at him for hours, in fact if she hadn't lost her voice, she probably would still be going right this moment. Instead of sending him to his room, she's more the type to send her son out. That's why he's on the pavement and officially suspended for a month.

Ethan had never even gotten a detention in his life and he's going sha-bang right into a monthly suspension, maybe he was gifted? Born a natural rebel? His mother didn't think so.

Ethan placed his hand against the gravel and slid it across the textured surface. The concrete was becoming blurry, was he going to be warped into a different dimension? Were the angels coming for him? After his recent stunt, probably not. It was when he felt the wetness against his cheeks, did he realise that he was crying.

He was crying but he wasn't sad. He shouldn't be sad.

"Hey." Ethan looked up and hurriedly brushed away his tears.

Eric sat down on the gravel next to him; he was still in his pinstripe suit. It didn't seem to bother him that he was ruining it. Ethan looked away and up at the stars, midnight had passed during his mother's epic battle of 'talking sense' into him.


"I heard you the first time." Ethan bit his thumbnail.

"Hey again." Ethan couldn't help but break into a smile; he turned further away so Eric wouldn't notice this.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, perfectly fine. My genius plan worked spectacularly! I effectively stripped naked, delivered my speech and was carried off naked, by my science teacher who is surely going to fail me. I came home and my mother screamed herself hoarse at me. Kicked me out of the house, I don't know if I'm allowed back inside. Oh, did I mention she just told me my father left us for his secretary? He's-he's s-so unc-uncreative." Hot tears streamed down Ethan's face and he didn't hide them, he didn't wish to.

Eric didn't ask questions, he moved closer and held Ethan.

Subconsciously Ethan knew he should be fighting. Although there was something in the way Eric grabbed at him, his breath against Ethan's head, his heartbeat under Ethan's ear and his whispered nothings. Something that made him think it was all okay.


Today, I touched him

Ethan was back at school. Had been for a while and being him, he caught up with his class like it had been a tiny vacation. He decided he had to repent for his adolescent streak, he was working extra hard and taking double the amount of notes just to make sure. Since his science teacher was probably never going to look him in the eye again.

He still didn't approve of the meat selection in the cafeteria. He showed this by exaggerating and dramatically eating his vegan salad. All the while, glaring at the students lining up to pay for their food. Did they understand where that came from? That came from animals!

Ethan decided to remove his eyes from the line, or he may be tempted to tackle some of those offending jocks. His vision rested on Eric seated at the other side of the building.

He was again cooing lovingly at a ditzy looking brunette, and sure enough the next second she had tipped Eric's coke all over herself. She raced off indignantly with a glowing blush against her face, Ethan smiled triumphantly.

The boys around Eric seemed to rouse at this point; they were teasing Eric about something. Ethan glared at them; they were clearly giving Eric trouble.

Ethan chewed absently on his leaf. It was with a jolt of shock that he realised Eric was now gazing over at him.

He swallowed nervously and casually looked away, back at the cafeteria line that made him narrow his eyes. He was planning on the best way to attack those people, when a noise nearby caught his attention.

Eric was tapping against his lunch table. Ethan look up at the other boy, he was confusing Ethan. Eric seemed to be threading his hand through his blonde hair repeatedly, shyly glancing at Ethan every few seconds.

"May I help you?" Ethan bit his finger nail, something he'd always done when he was nervous.

"Can I say something?" Eric was clenching the table now.

"You're already saying something."

Eric smiled and decided that was a yes. "I like you. A lot. More than a friend! Can I kiss you?"

Ethan blinked. Ethan blinked again. "Yes"

Wait! Had he just said yes? Ethan's eyes widened in disbelief, Eric's eyes widened in a mimicking action.

"What? You-...yes?" Ethan could only stare dumbfounded up at Eric. "...Oh my god. It was just a dare from my friends! said yes?"

This caused an extended silence.

A much extended silence.

Ethan stood up and in one motion, swung his fist and had it collide with Eric's jaw.


Today, I confessed to him

Ethan was in his room this time. He was certain he was never going to get out from here. His mother had come to school and picked him up, after being informed that Ethan was getting a week of suspension and may even be considered for probation enrolment. She didn't say anything this time, not one thing. Arriving home she left him in the car, left him alone.

Ethan had overheard her negotiating with a therapist before he had locked himself in his room. Ethan's life was over; his mother was trying to kill him.

He lay sprawled out on his bed with his shoes still on, for a very long time. Ethan could even squint and make out the particles of paint on his ceiling, his stomach was grumbling and he was angry. Outside the rain pattered as if it understood too, inside Ethan there was a bigger storm raging.

A knock on the door, he ignored it skilfully.

"Hey Ethan, it's me." Ethan turned over and shoved his face in his pillow.

"Ethan. Can I come in?"

"No." There was some shuffling outside.



"Well...I'll see you around Ethan." Ethan heard Eric's departing footsteps, the annoying creaky step giving him a louder reminder.

He curled up on to his side and seemed to feel lonelier than he did five minutes ago. He closed his eyes and bit his thumb nail; the day was all giving him a headache.

Ethan woke up to the sound of the creaky step being stepped upon again. He rubbed drowsily at his eyes and realised with a flush, he had been sucking his thumb. He got into a sitting position and undid his shoes. There was a light knock on his door that caught his attention.

Ethan stared at the door, expecting someone to enter, after a few moments there still weren't any signs of an invasion. It was then, that he noticed the little white slip of paper that had slid under the door. He moved over to read it.

Hey again,
It's me, Eric. Well, who else would it be? I just wanted to say sorry. I'm really sorry. It was a stupid joke and my loose molar wants to say, it deserved it. Could you please try and forgive me? If you can't right now, feel free to take another molar. I really do feel bad Ethan. We've known each other, for what? Like more than a decade. That's most of my life, most of yours too. So, maybe we could put this behind us? I know we've never really been on the best of terms, couldn't say we're friends even. But I don't want us to be enemies; I couldn't stand living next door to me and all. So I just wanted to ask. Like with you saying...just, do you like me or something??? Because err, that would be totally cool with me!

Ethan read the hurried note and was almost able to touch his rage. He grabbed a pen from the table and stabbed a reply into the paper, sliding it harshly through the door.

I think you're a pretentious, conceited asshole and I don't like you. I don't like you so much! In fact I hate you! Now leave me the fuck alone!


Today, I kissed him

Ethan's hands were pinned above him, his back scorched by the cement porch. It still felt comfortable and funny, like it did all those years ago. The setting sun shone upon his pale face, yet he had only eyes for the creature above him.

Eric leaned back down. Lightly brushing his lips against Ethan's forehead, his nose, his cheek and slowly, ever so gently, rested his 'labia oris' upon Ethan's. It was amazing, the greatest feeling in the world.

Eric's moan seemed to agree with Ethan.

Repeated motions; sucking and pecking, as if they had done this a million, a gazillion times before.

Ethan struggled against Eric's hands and managed to knee him in the stomach. Confused, Eric released him.

"Not a dare from your friends?" Ethan glowered at Eric, trying to hide his fear.

"Definitely not." Eric grinned and tugged Ethan into his arms again.

It was sweet, tender, rough and passionate all at the same time. His arms comforting Ethan, telling him the truth; finally telling him the truth. No wonder those girls came back for more, practise does make perfect. But right now? It all didn't matter, Ethan was finally alive.

Today, I'm in love

Today and every day since.


Okay! This is an oneshot that I wrote up in the course of this week. I know it wasn't done all that well, this is my first week back to school and it's really been me and battling school life, yet again. One more thank-you to Ami, my amazing beta.

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Last thing, I did check this myself. Ethan and Eric, since their names are quite similar it may be confusing at times. I do apologise for that, but I wanted a little bit of closeness about them from the very start. Another thing, I know Ethan's character is a little eccentric and unrealistic, but hey. I wasn't aiming for realism. Just, some things I wanted to explain beforehand.

Edit: After getting a complaint from a reader. I decided I did need to edit the ending, since it was a little unfulfilling. Thanks 'big break and larygnitis' for whacking me to my senses. xD

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