Why Emos And Preps Hate Eachother

Once upon a time there was a little girl who could be considered as close to perfect as humanly possible. She was beautiful, nice, smart, and everyone liked her. Everyone but herself. Inside she was crumbling, because she the pressure to remain perfect was too much for her.

One day, another girl came who was even prettier, than this girl. The new girl was even nicer, and smarter, and even more people liked her. She was more perfect than the original girl, and everyone started to like the new girl more and forget about the first girl to be perfect.

The original girl at first was relieved, she was glad someone else could bear the pressure for her while she rested. After a while she was fully prepared and wanted to end this little break. But just because she was ready to take back all the pressure didn't mean that she was going to suddenly be better than the new girl- who seemed to be coping with the pressure well enough. Another thing more perfect about the new girl.

After a while, the original girl became impatient for her turn of being popular and perfect. She was getting jealous of that new girl, and she was almost ready to be mean to this other girl. One day she game up to the girl and told her that people only liked her because she had told them to, and they all actually thought the new girl was ugly.

The new girl tried to seem like she didn't believe the original girl, but she began to doubt herself. Soon enough, people started seeing her crying in the bathrooms. One day she started wearing black when she used to wear pink. The next, she dyed her hair black. And by the third day, people saw tell-tale cuts on her dainty wrists.

People decided that the new girl was ugly now, and they didn't like her anymore. The original girl they used to like became their favorite, and she was very happy. She wore expensive clothes that looked really nice, and when any new girls came and started drawing attention away from her, she'd wear clothes that showed a lot of her skin and people would forget about those new girls.

Slowly two main groups formed, the perfect, blond, and skimpy-expensive clothed girls who followed the original girl became known as Preps. Everyone who wore black and were sad and emotional like that new girl became known as the Emos.

The Emos and Preps continually fought against each other, waging wars of words that left everyone devastated. Ever since then, they continue to fight at each other, each group remembering how their leader was mistreated by the other.