The story of two daughters

(Inspired by Kokia-san, thank you for that inspiring and beautiful music.)

Once there were two daughters and this is where their story starts. The older sister always in front of her younger sibling. Always protecting her precious sister so she thought. The younger sister always behind her older sibling admired her sister for her strength and compassion towards herself.

Years passed as they grew older. Step for step they took together but as time passes both sisters changed.

"You never let me do what I want!" the younger one yelled furiously as tears flowed down her cheeks.

"You do not understand! I... I... just want to.... protect you..." the older one replied sobbing as tears ran down her cheeks. However she felt the doubt aching in her chest. Had she always protected her sister from any harm there was but now she looked at her younger sibling. As they had grown older she had become stunningly beautiful, more than that, she had surpassed her older sister in elegance and grace as well. Deep inside herself she knew she was envious of her younger sister's beauty. She felt so ill and guilty for it but she could not bear to lose her role to her sister...

The younger sister felt guilty to but she to could not control her emotions. From since she can remember her older sister had been in front of her, protecting her. She was gentle and nice to everyone and everyone loved her for that. She, the younger sister, felt left alone though, always standing in the shadows. Always standing in the shadows...

Both were crying.

The sisters since that day always had been fighting, envious of each other. The older one's compassion was lost in the beauty of the younger sister. The younger one's hope of reaching her sister at the top was crushed in the deep and warm compassion for every being on this earth of the older sister.

One of these days, the sisters had fought again and were mad at each other their mother came to each of the sisters rooms telling them a story. A story of the moon and the sun. The mother's gentle and compassionate words reaching the depths of their hearts.

"Listen my child" she said: "You and your sister have no need to envy each other. You two are like the moon and the sun, both completely different but beautiful in your own way. You the younger one, the moon, beautifully blooming in the night. You the older one, the sun, your warmth and gentleness on a summer day filling the people's hearts with love. You both are very precious and should not compare each other but rather show your affection for each other."