I've been into writing song lyrics since I was nine years old. Most of them are pretty awful, but there are a few that I'm actually happy with. This one, obviously, is one of them. Sure, the rhyming is kind of lazy, and the last chorus is easily the cheesiest thing I've ever written, but I'm proud of it just the same.

Tears in the air, there's no mistaking

You sob to the sound of my heart breaking

Just keep breathing

You know, it's not the end of the world


Outside events have learned to leave you

I'm asleep but I, I can still hear you

I thought I was enough

But you're not on top of the world


I think I've gone out of line

I think I'm messing up

Can you say that one more time?

I think you're breaking up

Make that mistake one more time,

I won't live to see all of this erupt


I think I've failed you this time

Let's start it over again


Long days, they come along too often

A kiss against the wall would make my edges soften

To be near you's enough

To lift the weight the world


You heal my heart with one line

You really do too much

Still need to work on my mind

I don't deserve your love

Now you're the one hurt this time

Why did I bother cleaning my mess up?


I think fantasy's died

Let's start it over again


Why can't I bring you back here?

My mistakes just can't be this clear

Is this a sign, where'd you go?

Have you gone back to your world?


Is this the end of the line?

Have you gone long enough?

Maybe I'll get off the ride

I think I've had enough

Things might work out if I try

But what's the point if you're cracking up?


I think I've made up my mind

I'm starting over again


I'm starting over again


Straddle the finest of lines

And you won't get too far

Another trick of the mind

Just one more shooting star

But when the fates have aligned

Losing your smile is the hardest part


It's time to start up my life

And join the rest of the world