You can say I'm nothing
And I can say you're wrong
You can say I'm worthless
And I can say move on

Goodnight my baby
You'll start a brand new day
Dream good my angel
You can't hear what they say

You can say I'm dirty
And I can hesitate
You can say I'm useless
And I can't walk away

Close your eyes baby
The storms are rolling in
Rest now my angel
They'll pull away your skin

You can say I'm no good
And I can lick my wounds
You can say I'm pointless
And I can think it's true

Rock-a-bye baby
You won't be waking up
Sleep tight my angel
You'll never see the sun

You can say I'm guilty
And I can realize
You can say I'm failing
And I can say you're right

Hush now my baby
You'll never dream again
Now, now my angel
You've only been condemned

You can find my body
And I can leave a note
You can read the writing
And see how much I choked

Goodbye my baby
Know everything's alright
Count the stars angel
You have your peace tonight