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Chapter 1

Its times like these, when I can barely keep my eyes open, that I really wish I drink coffee, but alas I don't for I find the stuff to be rather revolting. The reason I can't keep my eyes open might kind of sort of have something to do with the fact that I well....I stayed up really late last night to read a book. I know I know most college students stay up most of the night doing a paper.....well I guess I'm not most college students.

Its November of my freshman year of college with my major being......undecided, that is where I am like most college students who have no clue what they want for dinner tonight let alone what they want to do with the rest of their lives. What I do know is that I will never stay up late reading a book when I have an 8 a.m. class the next morning, especially when said 8a.m. class is American Literature.......god I hate English and writing classes, give me some good math or science any day, just not English.

Professor Dunlap has been prattling on about Ernest Hemmingway for forever now....well actually all of class which I am hoping will be ending soon. Maybe I can find a vending machine with coke in it, the only drink with caffeine in it that I drink. What I wouldn't give to be sound asleep in my dorm room contemplating the demise of the girls next door all from the comfort of my bed.

The girls in the next dorm room over like to play music at 2 in the morning while everyone else is trying to sleep. My roommate, Sharon, and I one morning were so fed up we duct taped their room shut. That was pure bliss which might sound odd because the best part was when the screamed the next afternoon when they tried leaving. The oddest thing though the RAs never found out who did it, I doubt they even tried very hard.

I keep slipping in and out of consciousness at the moment, and slipping in is winning. Slipping back out of consciousness the first thing I notice is everyone leaving the room. Oh goody class is finally over.

Standing up sluggishly grabbing my books and slinging my purse/bag over my shoulder I can't help but b-line it for the door. Judging by everyone else's movements I don't think I was the only one having troubles staying awake. I take comfort in that thought because then I wouldn't be the only one searching the internet tonight for information on Hemmingway.

"Ali wait up would you!" is what startles me out my inner musing and makes me focus on the world around me.

Whipping my head around I spy my roommate Sharon running across the quad being the mad woman that she is. She stands at about 5'5" with flaming curly red hair that falls just to her shoulders, her somehow naturally tan skin, and dark drown eyes. She dresses somewhere between a tomboy and a prep, trust me I live with her and still don't know how she manages the look with out looking like a freak of nature.

"Hey Sharon, what's up?" I ask as she catches up and we fall into a walking pace.

"Please tell me you haven't forgotten? School I don't think is that busy yet for you to forget about this!" Sharon can make her voice really shrilly when she wants to, and well right now she wanted to.

"Ow Sharon, that hurt. You know I have sensitive ears," I say while covering my ears with my hands.

She gives me a sympathetic look before continuing, "Sorry Ali but I can't believe that you forgot about tonight. I mean I've only been planning it since school started, and been annoying you about it for just as long."

Wait, no, it couldn't be, could it?

"Happy Birthday best roomie any awkward social deprived girl anyone could ever ask for or want!" I happen to scream this out loud, well the beginning part at least.

"That's better, now you know you are going to have to grovel to get back on my good side or I might make you come to more nightclubs with me."

It's a well known fact to anyone that knows me that I hate social events, parties, and clubs. I don't hate bars probably only because I'm 19 and cannot legally go into one yet, and I don't drink so.....yeah I foresee a problem them in the future.

"Well if you are going to force me to go out with you tonight then I should probably get some coke into me, food, and then take a quick nap after my 2 o'clock class."

"You better missy cause I won't let you miss this. You need to get out more, it's not healthy to avoid so much social interactions. Anyways you need a guy to be tiring you out and not some book."

"Hey, that book was really good an-"

"Yeah and what about the gazillion others you have lying around your half of the room, hmm?"

Okay maybe I read a little too much and own maybe one too many books, but I love each and everyone one of them. Sharon gives me a gloating smile, she knows she has won with round, but I will never concede in the war.

* * *

"Allison Brea Doyle you had best get your ass out of bed right now and start getting ready!"

It's not fun having your roommate wake you up by screaming into your ear, not pleasant at all. If I didn't fear for my life right now I might consider retaliation, but I've learned its best not to provoke her when she's like this. So being the timid shy, maybe a little bit of a cowardly person I am I get up and grab some "cool" cloths and head to the bathroom to change.

Not only am I now still tired, being forced to go to a nightclub which I hate, but I also feel like absolute shit. My stomach is aching, I'm nauseous, and I may be a little dizzy. This night is not going to be fun at all, why am I going again?

Sharon picked out the outfit for me saying that it was the only thing I owned that could be worn at a nightclub. It consisted on a black tank top and some baggy black pants that apparently showed off my hips very nicely. When I look in the mirror though all I see is a girl with arms too big, a tank top that hugs all the wrong curves, and pants that just did nothing for my already oversized figure.

And that was just my outfit. My brown wavy hair is too short for my liking, it comes down if the bottom of my shoulder blades, I know that is long hair for most but considering that I had hair that went down to the bottom of my butt only a couple of months ago my hair is now "short." I cut it off in a fit of outrage when some asshole at my school told me it made me look ugly, I have regretted cutting it ever since.

I there is one feature of my appearance that I love it would have to be my dark blue eyes. The only make-up I wear is eyeliner and mascara, for my eyes are the only thing about me that is worth enhancing in my own opinion. I also cannot stand to have make-up caked onto my face either, but that is kind of a different issue.

Blinking into the mirror and heaving a sigh I start to work in trying to make myself look pretty even if it is a lost cause. First I the hair that is put up into a ponytail while the chin length bangs hang down framing my face. Next is the eyeliner and mascara where I even do the whole putting on make-up with my mouth gaping open like a fish. Finally, I put on a necklace I always wear along with another one with a shorter chain, some earrings, and my thousands of bracelets. I already have on rings on each finger, and some even on my toes. I have a thing for jewelry.

Once presentable to what I believe to be Miss Sharon Elisabeth Williams' standards I walk out of the bathroom and back into our room. There I find Sharon all dolled up and ready to hit the scene. Think that is right term, I'm not entirely sure though.

"Come on, I can't be late for my own party," Sharon squeals as she drags me out of the room down the hall and in the direction of the waiting taxi cab.

* * *

The club is packed with people that I have no clue how we are ever going to find everyone else in this place. Sharon decided that for her birthday all our friends would come to the nightclub to celebrate it. It only being November of our freshman year there weren't too many people we were meeting, just Jason, Carrie, Michael, Angela, and Beth. Michael and Jason live in the dorm room across the hall from Sharon and I. Angela and Beth are in some of Sharon's classes and they quickly became friends on the first day of classes when all of them got lost together. Carrie is Jason's girlfriend and has been apparently since freshman year of high school.

Two arms come from behind Sharon and me gently lying on our shoulders.

"Well hello there pretty ladies," comes the smooth voice from the owner of the set of arms.

"Hey Michael," Sharon says while turning around to give Michael a hug, which is kind of awkward because Michael still has one arm around me.

"Happy Birthday Sharon," he says while turning us to the left. "All of us are over here."

Sure enough the crowd parts for a second and there is the rest of the gang sitting around two small tables. Jason has a beer in hand since the club only checks IDs to make sure you're over 18 to get into the club, after that it is whatever as long as one is not caught by police with a beer if you're underage. Carrie is leaning against Jason looking perfectly content to be there, Beth is either drinking vodka or water, and Angela is bouncing up and down in her chair.

Clubs aren't really my thing; well socializing really isn't my thing. I love hanging out with my friend just not really out in public unless it's the mall or the movies but other than that I just like being with them at someone's house or dorm room. None of my high school friends went to any of the same colleges as each other. Needless to say I am right now out of my element, plus hip hop music and all the other music they play is clubs are not my type of music. Then add that I'm not feeling well at all, no es bueno.

"Come on Ali you're coming with me to dance," Michael proclaims as he drags me in the direction of the dance floor which is already packed with twirling bodies.

"Michael, No! You know I can't dance and that I hate to!" I screech over the music to him, but it's useless he is a bit stronger than me and can easily pull me.

Did I mention I really hate dancing and don't know how to, being tired and sick is not going to help at all either, ugh.

* * *

Kita is still giving me that look of utter disappointment, but she should have known better after all these years. Just because she can talk me into going place, like this night club, it doesn't mean in any way I will take part in what is going on. Why I let her talk me into doing anything at all is beyond me. What I really should be doing right now is at the house going over our finances, and looking after the pups, they have a knack for getting into trouble.

"You could at least look least dance with one girl, Aevin," Regan suggests, but with one low warning throat growl he adds, "Or maybe not."

"If you guys want to have any fun tonight then I suggest that you leave me be sulking in this corner." That will shut them up for a while.

Kita looks like she is about to argue which would then force me to put her in her place, but I'm not the only one to notice, Tran does too. Tran being the ever faithful mate of Kita and obedient wolf grabs Kita dragging her to the dance floor. The others soon follow leaving me just as I want to be, alone.

I watch them dance Tran and Kita always sticking together as a couple, but the other guys constantly switching partners. They are looking for her, their other half, their mate, the one the fates choose and created for them and them alone. Many search for centuries for theirs and some never find them as they slowly go insane from the search. For my pack I don't search for my she-wolf, they need an alpha that will lead them and not one going insane from not find her. I need to be focused at all times, and caring for each member the same.

"Aevin, one dance won't kill you." Before I can respond she adds, "Anyways there is this girl dancing that smells familiar to me, but she's not like us."

"What do you mean?"

"She smells like a wolf, but she also smells like a human. I don't know how to describe it beyond that," Kita says with puzzlement evident in her voice.

"Bring me to her," I tell her coming to my feet gliding behind Kita to the dance floor.

Kita and I make our way through the twisting twirling grinding mass of bodies heading for the other side of the floor. Kita comes close bring her lips to my ear for me to hear her words.

"There, Aevin, the girl all in black who doesn't seem to belong or how to dance," She whispers.

Something about the girl draws me to her, begging me to grab her and never let her go out of my sight. Then her scent reaches my nose and instantly I know what Kita meant, and I know what she also knows about the girl. Whipping around I find Kita smirking at me with Tran's arms wrapped around be protectively as he looks me straight in the eye. Where Kita is impulsive, Tran is calculating.

The girl dancing not more than a couple of feet from me is my mate, my other half, and my own scent is permeating from her proclaim her as mine. Her scent pulls me and before I realize what I am doing I'm moving towards her not fully aware of the fact that I have turned away from Tran and Kita.

Mate, Mate, Mate... My mind if chanting over and over again, my inner wolf determined to claim what is mine. I search the crowd for a glimpse of her to see her once again, when I do it is not the glimpse I was hoping for though. My mate has a terrified look on her face and squirming to get away from a boy that has his arms around her like a cage keeping her to him.

Kill him, Kill him! In the blink of an eye I am next to the boy prying him off of my mate, and balling his shirt in my fist picking him off the ground.

"I believe the lady doesn't want anything to do with you boy, so why don't you go off and find some nice prostitute to pay $200 to for a half ass blow job." My voice is dead even concealing my angry quiet well.

Placing him back on the ground and letting go the boy runs off in the other direction running into everyone in his path with a look that says he is about to pee in his pants. I can't help keeping a satisfied smirk off my face.

"Um....excuse me?" A small gentle voice calls out barely above the noise of the club, and a hand lays on my shoulder. I turn around to face my mate looking directly in her eyes.

"I just wanted....well that is to say....Thanks. I didn't think I was ever going to get rid of him. I don't want to think what would have happened if you hadn't come over to help." My mate is so nervous and timid I have to fight the urge to gather her close to me to protect her from the world.

"Your welcome, and would you care for a dance," I ask on bated breath.

"I have to confess something, I can't dance," My mate answers with a blush rushing to her face.

"No time like the present to start learning now is there," I reply as I take her hand gently bring her to myself letting my body teach hers how to move in beat with the rhythm.

Hmm....mates are nice.

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