Chapter 5

I burst through the door throwing it open with all my strength, the door hits the wall and then handle embeds itself in there. Sharon walks in behind me and immediately begins scanning the house looking for where Ali could possibly be. When we called Aevin's phone Tran picked it up and informed us that Ali had an accident that may or may not have been caused by Aevin.

"What the hell has your knickers in a bunch?" Zekk says from the top of the stairs where is lounges as if there is not a care in the world.

"Zekk, where the hell is HE!" I said he more as a screech than anything else.

Zekk's eyes all but pop out of his head and his only answer is to point towards the living room. Sharon bee-lines it for the living room beating me into the room, but once inside of the room, I freeze. There on the couch is Aevin with Ali in his lap while his hands grip her hips and his face buried in her neck nuzzling it.

"Did it ever occur to you to give me and Sharon a call!" I scream at Aevin.

Aevin opens his mouth to speak, but I cut him off not want to hear any of his petty excuses that I'm sure he has ready at the tip of his tongue.

"No Aevin you cannot get yourself out of this one. We sat there for over an hour waiting for her to show up and when I call YOUR cellphone to inform YOU, because I took YOU into consideration, I get Tran who has to tell me and Ali has had an accident that YOU caused."

I just glare at him with a look of disgust and triumph on my face for shutting Aevin down for the first time ever. Even as young children he was always good at wheedling his way out of trouble, he even got out of trouble with my father. My father the ever arrogant and heatless Alpha. Oh goddess I hope he gets his throat ripped out in the end.

Too deep in my own thoughts I don't notice the look that comes over Aevin's face, one of rage.

"Kita, sorry for my mate being my number one priority next time while my mate's head is bleeding all over the place, because she tripped over her own feet. Next time I'll remember to call you instead of immediately helping Ali and staying by her side the whole time."

His voice scared the crap out of me, because he didn't yell, it was a deadpan voice that I could easily tell was holding such anger that it could never be expressed clearly. Shit now I'm in trouble. Slowly Aevin picks Ali up from his lap, where she had sat the whole time during the exchange with the smell of fear permeates from her body, and he walks towards me. Sharon slowly makes her way over to Ali, whom once Sharon is close enough to her latches on to. Sharon whispers soothing words to Ali.

I cower before Aevin's gaze because he's letting the full force of his alpha persona come through which no matter how angry he has ever been he has never fully let out. Out of instinct I bear my throat to him and pray that he won't rip out my throat like I had just hoped someone would do to my father. In even further show of submission I close my eyes showing Aevin that I know my life is in his hands and I have no fight in me to say otherwise. I feel his hand wrap around my neck and give a little squeeze. Then his voice cuts through the tension.

"You are very lucky to my little cousin, and that I am a very forgiving alpha I doubt our last alpha would have been anywhere as nice to you." His hand drops from my throat to his side, and with his hand gone I open my eyes and rub my throat. "Kita, you need to learn not to be so dramatic."

Arms come from behind me and wrap around my waist pulling me against a hard warm chest. Tran, my mate. Instantly I relax into his body loosening all the muscles that I had not even noticed had tensed during my confrontation with Aevin. Tran leans his head forward and down so his lips can move gracefully over my throat where Aevin's hand had been. I'm sure it was hard for him to sit back and let Aevin touch me in anger for males are extremely overprotective, but as alpha it's Aevin's right to discipline me as he sees fit.

Trans gently whispers into my ear, "I think it's best that we go up to our room and leave Aevin be."

His hand gently brushes my breast as he moves his hands up and down my sides as he pulls me back out of the room to the stairs.

* * *

"Xander, what do you think is going on down stairs? I think I heard Kita yelling at Aevin, want to what he'll do?" My twin brother Reagan asks from the doorway of our shared bedroom.

Reagan and I have never been without each other our entire lives, growing up we were all each other had. Our father raped our mother after his mate was killed by humans and he wanted revenge on that human's wife. Our mother gave us up for adoption and we bounced the foster care system because everyone noticed that there was something off about us, even we were just pups. We never stayed in one home for very long if it wasn't the kids making up lies about us, it was the adults just plain hating us for no reason. We ran away when we turned 16, and stayed on the streets for a year before finding Aevin, we owe everything to Aevin and Tran.

Rolling out of my bed I trudge over the Reagan and follow him to the stairs only to run into Tran and Kita coming up the stair. Tran has his arms possessively wrapped around Kita's waist and his head buried in her neck. Speaking of Kita's neck a mark that looks very much like a hand which has Aevin's scent coming off of it. Aevin probably could have done a lot worse to her, wonder what she did to begin with though.

I'm the silent twin, Reagan…..not so much.

"Hey, toots what the hell did you do to deserve that pretty bruise around your neck, and just to let you know I like this bruise better than the one that Tran gives you."

Oh god he thinks that he is so smart, doesn't he. He deserves what's just about to happen.

Tran's arm closest to Reagan let go of Kita's waist and backhands him across his face. The blow knocks Reagan off balance and he goes over the edge of the banister crashing into the stairs below. Nonchalantly I walk over to the banister and look down at my fallen twin who is sprawled all over the stairs with a look of utter shock riddling his face. All I do is shake my head before putting my hand on the railing and jumping over the side. I land with my feet on either side of Reagan's head.

"You really need to learn to keep your mouth shut about something, you know," I say while I jump to the bottom of the stairs.

"Shut up," Reagan mutters under his breath even though he knows perfectly well that I can clearly hear him as if he had spoken it in his normal tone.

I ignore my brother as I walk into the living room hoping someone will be able to tell me what the hell is going on in this house. In the living room is the pretty wolf girl that is Ali, and Ali itself who is latched onto the former girl. Is the little girl hiding from her mate. Aevin stands in front of the wolf girl and seems to be trying to get his little mate to come with him. The wolf girl look likes she's about to pee herself, which I can't blame her for since she has a very angry looking alpha in front of her try to get to his mate. Come to think about it I don't think I've ever been around the wolf girl. At the night club I left early since large groups of people are not my thing, and Aevin has never brought the wolf girl to the house.

Wonder what she smells like…… With that thought in mind I take a good wiff of the air and pick up her scent, a scent that calls to me to protect her and claim her. Mate. Is the one though that comes to mind at that moment. Right then all I want to do is go over to her and get her out of harm's way of my alpha. Before I know what I'm doing I am at her side pulling her into my body leaving Ali exposed to her mate.

"Thanks Xander," Aevin says before lunging at his mate and pinning her against the closest wall.

I give one word as my response, "Mate."

Aevin's head whips around and stares at me before a smile breaks over his face.

"Good that means I don't have to worry about her status in the pack, also she might be able to help me with my little mate," Aevin says.

I just hum in response and nuzzle my curiously silent mate. I nip at her neck hoping to produce some sort of response out her, and she does not disappoint when she lets out a low moan.

The moment of course had to be ruined.

"You are so not going to have sex with her in our room Xander."

Reagan is standing in the doorway looking at me with a smirk on his face, at noticing that I am now looking in his direction he raises his eyebrows up and down. My face drops into a look of utter disgust, and I let out a low growl. I can feel my muscles tense wanting to pounce on my brother.

"What did I tell you about keeping your mouth shut about certain things?" My voice is laced with anger, but get lighter with what I say next. "Anyways we'll just take the guest room, I suggest you blast some music because you'll have to block out three bedrooms with mates in them."

Ali's face becomes really pale before squeaking out, "What!"

Aevin, Reagan, and I let out a chuckle as a response to Ali. My little wolf girl has stayed silent throughout the whole exchange, but she has settled herself against me getting herself comfortable. Without any more thought I pick her up in my arms, give her a peck on the forehead before walking towards Reagan, out of the living room and up the stairs.

* * *

After Xander carries Sharon out of the room, Reagan leaves as well not before leaving a comment of "Have fun." I just shake my head before turning back to my own little mate who is reeking of fear at this moment. With the intention of soothing her I lean in to give her another kiss on the lips. Werewolves like to be in physical contact with their mates it help to calm them down, but if my little mate is any indication not so much for humans.

Ali ducks down and underneath my arm which is braced on the wall right next to where Ali's head was. After escaping the cage of my arms she turns around to face me and starts backing up keeping a wary eye on me. Her eyes narrow at me as a shove myself away from the wall, turn to her direction, and take a step that way. Ali brings her hand up to halt me, like that would really work. I grab her wrist and pull her to me, but she is somehow able to twist her wrist out of hand spins out of my reach.

"No," Ali says in a stern voice that makes me feel like a little puppy that has just been hit on the nose with a newspaper. "I will not let you mouth rape again."

"Trust me mate that was most definitely not rape, I do believe that you kissed me back." I give a smirk knowing I have her there.

But Ali doesn't even looked phased.

"It was mouth rape, because when someone gets raped their bodies can still be sexually stimulated against the person's own will. That is a part that most people have a hard time dealing with after being raped is the betrayal of their own bodies. So it doesn't matter if my body kissed you back, I didn't want to."

Okay so she has a point there.

"Well my little mate it's not rape if I yell surprise, then it is just surprise make out session."

"I cannot believe you just said that you asshole! And what the hell is up with everyone calling each other mates, and you calling me your mate. I am so nothing of yours, I am my own person and no one owns me."

Her fiery attitude just turns me on. I cannot wait until I have her in my bed beneath. I envy Xander for his little mate's most likely cooperation in whatever he want to do with her. God I just want her beneath me cry out as I make her experience such pleasure that she would have never thought possible. I want her to bare my children. First I will probably have to tell her about being a werewolf though.

"I keep calling you my mate because that is exactly what you are, my mate. The one female in the whole universe that was made for me, and me for you."

"What? Are you off your meds or something? The only things," emphasis on the 'things' part, "that have mates are animals, and I don't know about you but I am most definitely not an animal."

"You're not an animal, but I am a werewolf." I wait for my mate's reaction to this information my eyes boring a whole into her eyes.

"You really are off your meds, aren't you?" Ali says her brow furrowing into confusion.

"No Ali I am not on any medications, and I really am a werewolf. I would show if I thought you would not react badly to my changing." My voice stays calm, and my eyes never leave hers. "I know you're scared Ali," I shake my head as she seems like she is going to put up a fight. "I can smell is coming off you Ali, but you are the one person that should never fear me for I can never hurt you without want to kill myself."

Ali's close then and she collapses onto the floor.

This is nicht gut......

Okay sorry about the month or so long wait, but it was because of outline's review that made me feel guilty so I wrote this whole thing today. I really don't have much time to write since I'm a Forensic Chemistry and it does not give me much time to do anything. Merry Early Turkey Day to all those in United States, for those of you who are not then Merry Tuesday.....if it is still Tuesday. Also Happy 82 Birthday to my Grandmother today.

Nicht gut is German for Not Good. One of my friends here at College is taking German and keeps speaking it so certain German words keep popping into my head and I wanted to put it in.