True love is worth waiting for.

Seek and you will find.

These are the two statements that are debating in my mind. It's the last 2 days of summer, and I spent the last 2 months at home, reading books while all the other girls are shopping and flirting their butts out. There's never been any thrill in my life, the best days of my life may have been passing a test I thought I'd flunk, or getting a shirt I really wanted. It never concerned boys; there was no one that I met who liked me back. I've never been in love, I only have a handful of boy friends, ( yes, notices the space between boy and friend.) and they never showed something more than friendship towards me. I think, I'm somehow different than everybody else.

I mean, I'm not ugly; I get compliments all the time. I dress well, I have fashion sense! I'm not a nerd either, sometimes I pass, and sometimes I fail. I'm just an average sophomore, is that wrong? Is it because I'm average, that's why they don't like me? I think I'm way better than all those other girls who wear short stuff I don't even understand why they bother to wear, cause really! We see EVERYTHING. But, they still get all the boys that I ever dreamt of liking me. I don't wanna be like them. I want the boy that will make me all weak in the knees to like me for who I am. So maybe I should stick with the first statement. Yeah, true love is worth waiting for. But God did say the second statement. And well, he's God, right?

Forget it. Why do I even bother?


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Keep loving.