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The Short Giant

About 16,000 years ago, somewhere in current India, there was a small village. Well, actually it wasn't small it was quite huge, in our terms. But if you were two inches tall your house would look like a village on its own. Compared to the creatures that inhabited this town, we're about two inches tall. To you, your house is a house, but to these two inch people, it's a village. So to us this village was practically a state. But to them, it was merely a village. That's because these people were giants, for this was Hugeville.

In a shabby part of Hugeville, there lived a nice little (if you'll excuse my word choice) family. The Ginormos consisted of Theresa and Ralph, and there two children Sarafina and Midget. Midget was in 6th grade at Hugeville Junior High. To earn money, Midget was a pickpocket. His friends would call him Midgy, if he had any. But he didn't, because he was far too short for a standard giant.

Midgy didn't quite understand this; his parents were giants, his sister was a giant, every relative he'd ever met were giants, so why was he so darn short?! No one knew why, but everyone ignored him (think Pluto after they found out it was too small to be a planet). Eventually, Midgy was kicked off the rockball team (an early ancestor of baseball) as well as the boating team and the chess club. Midgy was very unhappy, so instead of going to his regular fun activities after school, he went home and cried.

Sitting in the empty house on his bed, he heard a strange noise, almost a cackling followed by a crash. Midgy wiped the tears from his eyes (he didn't want to be caught crying by a robber) and went downstairs to the living room. He thought he saw a flash of green. He flicked on the lights and grabbed a broom as a weapon "who's there?" he yelled. When he saw no one, he sat down on the couch and cried once more.

"Hey, kid. You okay?" asked a voice like gravel.

"AHH!" Exclaimed Midgy, "who are you?!"

"Calm down, calm down," said a smoother, more luminous voice. "I'm Bonnie Cloverhopper and this is my brother Donald. And you are?"

"M-m-midg-gy Gin-n-ormo-o…" he stammered.

"How come you were cryin'?" asked Donald, with a curious look on his face, as though he's never seen someone cry before.

"'Cause I'm sad," said Midgy in an obvious tone.

"Well, why ya sad?" Bonnie questioned, seeming more interested than her brother.

"Because I'm short," Replied Midgy softly, "Giants aren't supposed to be short."

"Well! I take offense in that. I'm perfectly short and you don't see me crying about it!" Donald exclaimed wildly.

"Are you a giant?" Midgy persisted.

"Well, no but-" Donald started.

-"but nothing," Midgy cut him off.

"But something!" Bonnie yelled, exasperated, "but how about you stick with us? We're leprechauns, and when you're a leprechaun no one says nothin' if you're short. In fact, in O' Rainbow there's a contest. 400 gold coins go to the shortest leprechaun."

"Uh…what's O' Rainbow?" asked Midgy.

"Only the best town ever!" exclaimed Donald excitedly, "Our home town!"

"So," Bonnie began, "you wanna be a leprechaun? Short, green, and we cause trouble where we go," she added.

Midgy stood very still, deep in thought. He weighed the pros and cons of this offer in his mind over and over. After a long moment of careful consideration, Midgy let his mouth turn up into a grin and laughed "what can I say? Greenify me!" and so it was done.

Midgy wrote a letter to his parents, announcing his decision, and left with the two leprechauns, who quickly became his knew family. He moved to O' Rainbow and wore green (his favorite color, naturally) all day. His previous experience as a pickpocket was very helpful in causing trouble without being seen. The leprechauns taught Midgy "the leprechaun way" and his name was worn with pride, not shame. Midgy was incredibly happy with his new life. It was as if someone had somehow made a mistake and he was supposed to be a leprechaun after all.

Epilogue: Sarafina

About 6 weeks after Midgy left, Sarafina grew wings. Three days later she lost a tooth an the Tooth Fairy paid a visit. She's been a fairy ever since.