Disclaimer: I do not own Gotham City, Harry Potter Puppet Pals, or Phineas and Ferb. I do, however own Mr. Pudding Lord Dude. SO DON'T TOUCH HIM!

Once upon a time in Gotham City…

Wait, no, NOT Gotham City! Ugh, stupid copyright. Okay, why don't you just use your imagination and come up with a super hero-y city name, alright? Good, this way angry Batman writer won't throw pitchforks at me. But until we figure out a name, it will be called Not Gotham City Due To Copyright City. Erm, that's a little long, how about Not for short? Good, now, ON WITH THE STORY!!!

Once Upon a time in Not City, there lived a girl named Axela Nose Sigafoose, but her friends just called her Axe. Yeah, Axe. Lovely name, I know. So anyways, Axe loved pudding. But unfortunately for her, her father didn't pack pudding in her lunch box, due to the fact that she ate all the pudding in Not City, and the entire tri-state area from Phineas and Ferb land...

One day, in a little house just outside Not City, Mr. Pudding Lord Dude was bored and decided to try once again to take over Not City. With pudding! (Didn't see that one coming). And since the author of this has a very short attention span, he figured she might get bored and let him win. So he used his pudding making powers to make… (who would guess) pudding!

So he went to Not City and attacked (you know, basic Villain kind of stuff, some throwing pudding, some maniacal laughing, some ranty monologues, the usual). And then he ran out of pudding, and was very depressed and went home to watch Harry Potter Puppet Pals. But the police didn't know what to do with everything. The whole city was covered in pudding.

Hey! You know that character we mentioned earlier, Axe, the one who seemed random and kind of out of place in the story? Well… SHE'S BACK!

"I'll save the day!" She shouted. And she ate all the pudding throughout the city, except the stuff that landed on cafeteria floors, cause that's just nasty.

**************************2 years l8r*************************

Axe finally finished all the pudding. And you would think after eating pudding for such a long time one would never ever want to hear the word 'pudding' again. Well this kid was WEIRD! Weird, okay? Weird! She wanted more pudding because she hasn't had any in the last 72 seconds. So mail me (the author) some pudding and I'll, ugh, forward it right along to her, okay? Good.