She Had Somewhere To Go
Copyright © 2009-10 S.L. Gunn

Hello, all.

My, it has definitely been a while since I've been on this site.

I have made the decision to remove SHSTG from Fictionpress in the hopes of pursuing publishing. Even though it probably wont happen.

It also came to my attention that the story had been plagarized, which is just plain awful. So I need time to think over what I would like to do.

I do plan on doing some MAJOR editing of this - what I consider to be - very rough story.

So, if the publishing route doesn't work out... I'll probably just repost the chapters on Fictionpress. Except they will be BETTER!

For those of you who have recently started, but not finished the story... I am so sorry. I know how frustrating it must be to just have it taken away from you.

Please know, however, that I'm doing this so that maybe one day you'll be able to read She Had Somewhere To Go as a book you hold in your hands.

That idea is exhilarating to me.

Again, I would like to thank you all so ridiculously much for all the support you've given over the past THREE YEARS since I first published SHSTG on this site.

I love every single one of you that has read, reviewed, favorited, and just enjoyed what I've created. The support has been amazing! Thank you thank you thank you.

Hope to get you guys some news soon! ALSO, if any of you know anything of publishing/want to give your opinions on whether or not I SHOULD publish... Please contact me, either via private messaging or a review on the story. Thank you again.


S.L. Gunn