all I can feel is this pulsing, the infinite beating
inside my brain, under my palms, racing through my veins.
the music mixes with your heart sounds and all I care about is that

it's like you're stealing the oxygen from my throat, like we're
pressed tight enough that there's not enough air for the two of us,
and I'm lost in the sound of your breathing.
(it's too cliché to say you take my breath away.)

you burn into me and set my heart on fire, smoldering through layers of
flesh, capillaries and ventricles until you get to the very core, filling it with
fresh ashes and the spark that ignites everything.

the chemistry between us is unexplained and undeniable,
fireworks exploding into shimmers of passion and maybe, (just maybe) love.
you s-s-shake and shine and almost

I'm tied up in the feel of your wrists and the curve of your
spine, and how you're ohsowrong but ohsoright
and note to jesus christ: being angelic is so over-rated.

you reduce me to nothing but fresh flesh and tangled thoughts and
you're full of desire and rough skin and burned egos, but maybe
tonight we'll collide like the stars.


written april 18th.