A/N: Alrighty, since people seemed to like my first delve in the world of the Demonio Re, here's an actual story, not a one-shot. That's why it's shorter. And I know my version of hell is a tad odd, but, eh. It sounds better to me. Here's hoping you guys like this one.

The faint howls of pain from the torture grounds played lovely backdrop music for the Demonio Re Damek. He had learned to tune out the screams. In Hell, you learned to do that. He'd held place in Lucifer's court for a very long time. Not as far back as the Fall, oh, no. But then, none had held for that long. There was always someone bigger and stronger than you. Damek just hadn't found the bastard yet.

For those not sequestered in the torture grounds, Hell was pretty damn nice. The thirteen different levels kept to themselves, mostly. Each level was ruled by a Re, and if he was damn unlucky, his Regina. Both connected so closely, the death of one was most assuredly the death of the other. So far only five had been cursed with the burden, one was Lucifer's own son, Dominic. By every ounce of darkness on Earth, Heaven, and Hell, Damek would never trust anyone so fully, so… blindly. He had not survived so long with that kind of weakness.

He felt the stir of wings above him and opened his eyes, staring up at the woman who loomed above him, black wings tucked up along her spine now, from where he lounged outside his mansion. "Aeron. To what do I owe your company?" He asked the Fury, not exactly friendly. Usually when the Furies descended upon the levels, Lucifer had called a meeting of the court. Which would mean Damek would have to get off his ass and actually do something today.

"Lucifer's called the court, Damek. Why else would I have come here?" Aeron's voice was raspy and a little deeper than a normal female's, not in a bad way, but it pretty much made her sound as evil as she looked. Though, she could have had the voice of a fucking angel and still scare the hell out of you in her less than human form.

"Yeah, but I was hoping it was my charming personality that brought you here." He muttered, rolling his shoulders, stretching the muscle that was stiff from being still for so long.

The Fury shook her head, long black hair shifting with the movement. "Look at you, you lazy ass. Lounging around like a preening succubus. How in the name of Hell have you not been taken over?"

"I lounge because no one has the balls to say otherwise." Damek growled, summoning power from the nearly endless well that subsisted in the very core of his being. Not to bluff the Fury -okay, maybe just a little, but to answer Lucifer's call. Fire erupted around the Demonio Re, licking and billowing around him. He heard Aeron give a harsh squawking sound and explode upward, massive black feathered wings fanning at the flames.

When the fire subsided, he was just outside of Lucifer's palace. It was massive and carved from rock and black marble. It was excessive as anything, but then, that was Lucifer for you. He still harbored an angel's taste, even after the Fall. A massive black hellcat loped up to the Re. His eyes were fiery red and shining. He rasped his tongue over Damek's hand. The Demon King scratched along it's furry ears. They were pretty rare, hellhounds tended to munch on them when they were bored. But even the hounds didn't fuck with Lucifer, so they left Akuji, his hellcat, alone.

A few of the court had arrived. Dominic and his flame-haired Regina sat in the First Level seats. Salem sat alone in the Fourth Level. Julian was alone as well in his Fifth Level seat. In the Third Seat was Bijan and a blonde woman Damek had never met. Another poor bastard had fallen prey to the PWS (Pussy-Whipped Squad), he guessed.

The Re took his seat, silently acknowledging the others with a nod. He let himself space out. It was a trick one learned after so many years of the same dull monotony. Well, you learned it or went stark raving insane. Either worked to pass time.

Eventually the members of Lucifer's court began to trickle in until nineteen seats had been taken. Thirteen Kings and six Queens, counting Bijan's new woman.

Lucifer's power washed over them as the Re di Inferno entered the room, followed by three women; a blonde, a red-head, and a brunette. Even though they had vastly different hair, there was no mistaking the resemblance. They were sisters. But they sure as hell weren't demons.

Lucifer stayed on his feet, his white feathery wings tucked along his spine. His short white-blonde hair was tousled and almost the same color of his angel wings. He was the last of the Fallen in Hell, the only one who kept his white wings. The girls sat together in his chair, the red-head and brunette on each arm, the tiny blonde on the actual seat.

"Ladies." Lucifer said with a nod to the Queens. "Gentlemen." A nod to the Kings. "Greetings."

"Greetings, king Lucifer." There voices blended in unison.

The Re di Inferno glanced at the three girls. "Today, I was informed that it is our turn to play host to these three women. I doubt very much any of you know them, but I also doubt that you do not know of them. They are the Harpies written about in Greek mythology. Since the fall of Greek and Roman gods, they have been passed around through other religious realms." Lucifer gave a bitter smile. "Now, they take a turn through Christianity. Let us hope we do not corrupt them too badly." He took a deep breath. "Ladies, would you care to introduce yourselves?"

The brunette eased to her feet. "My name is Keren." Her voice was soft, but it held power. She shot a look at the blonde. "She is Aslyn." A look to the red-head. "And she is Raleigh." She sat down again, pale silver eyes sizing up the assembled Demon Kings and Queens.

Damek's eyes were drawn inexplicably to the blonde. She had an air of frailness to her. A frailness his demon essence wanted to both exploit and protect. The soft and easily broken did not belong in Hell outside of the torture gounds. Period. End of story.

"They are to be kept on different levels." Lucifer said, grey-blue eyes sweeping over the assembled court, daring anyone to ask why. No one did. "Keren will be housed on the First Level with Dominic and Katherine, Aslyn on the Second with Damek, Raleigh on the Third with Bijan and Drea. Any issues with this arrangement?" The question was more toward the Queens than anyone else. Dominic's Regina shook her head, as did Bijan's. "Wonderful." Lucifer said, giving that bitter, melancholy smile he'd acquired sometime after the Fall. "Court dismissed."