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Pinky and the Jackass

I wasn't completely sure how I'd found myself in a deserted school corridor at two o'clock but there I was.

Well maybe I did know how I'd found myself there, okay so I definitely knew.

Right now I should be in Biology which was at the other side of the school, but I wasn't. I'd somehow found myself to have been skipping class for the last 40 minutes; there was a whole 20 minutes left.

I was annoyed to say I was probably more bored skipping than I'd be in the class, and I understood that that was possibly more to do with the fact that my skipping of class just involved me wandering round the corridors. I blame it entirely on the fact that this was my first time, and because Mrs Wilson is terrifying and she teaches French, my next class. There was no way in hell I was willing to face her wrath by skipping her class.

In my utter boredom I ventured towards B corridor, mainly because it was where the toilets were and at least I'd get to stop walking once I got in there, all this making sure I wasn't going to get caught was really making my legs ache, as well as making me overly paranoid.

Hearing a loud bang I jumped out my skin and proceeded to freeze on the spot, so maybe my plans to not get caught weren't too good.

Nothing followed the bang so after a few heart-racing seconds I continued on my way.

Maybe I should have just left it and finished school never having skipped a class, it was my final year after all and it's not like never having skipped was such a big deal. Well that was what I was trying to tell myself, that's what I'd always though before Ryan Morgan had opened his stupid taunting mouth. Teasing me and my goody two-shoes image. It wasn't my fault that I wasn't a deviant like him, or should I say delinquent...I'm not sure so I think both apply.

Ryan Morgan is an imbecile. He isn't really the bane of my existence or anything, he's just annoying as hell. And he is more that probably the reason I am not in Biology in particular, it was an unconscious decision I assure you, he is in that class so skipping is made oh so much better by not seeing him. Although he's in my French class too so my happiness will be short lived.

Having finally made my way into B corridor, which became increasingly difficult as I found myself basically tiptoeing about in fear, I was relived to see it too was empty. That was until I was but a few steps from the girls bathroom door, the boys next to it opened and I froze once again due to the creak the door emitted, and shut my eyes in hope that whatever, whoever, it was it would disappear.

I became quite sure that that wasn't going to happen when I heard a deep bout of laughter, aimed straight at me.

Begging someone, anyone, that might be listening to my torment that that wasn't the voice that I thought it was, I slowly opened my eyes.


Ryan Morgan was stood opposite me smirking like the imbecile he was.

Great what a person to bump into, and he was coming out of the bathroom. Who knew what he'd been…

He was peeing. That's all I need to think. Peeing, because that's what you do in a bathroom. Mind out gutter, Mind out gutter…

"Why's your mind in the gutter Pinky?" The smirk plastered on his face said he knew exactly what I'd been thinking but he wanted me to tell him, to embarrass myself further. Plus he was using that infuriating nickname of his.

I hate him.

He liked to call me Pinky because he saw me as a Brain, I believe he thought he was being ironic in a sense. All it made me think was crap because it meant that me and him had a mutual interest in 'Pinky and the Brain', but he didn't need to know I was an avid fan.

He continued smiling that creepy gutter induced smile and my cheeks lit up. Now was really not the time to get all hot and bothered, well maybe hot and flustered isn't the best way to describe that implies he's getting me that way and Ryan Morgan would never be able to get me that way, never. No. No way.

"Getting all hot and bothered over me Pinky?"

The genuine smile that accompanied that question lit my whole face aflame. A smile like that could definitely get a girl bothered and possibly very hot. But not me. No, this was out of fear he was reading my thought, definitely because of that.

"Are you secretly harbouring a like of me Pinky?"

There was a tone in his voice that I couldn't quite identify, all I knew was that he'd pushed me over the edge with that question.

"Why would I like you? You're a jackass Ryan."

There was a low count of venom in my voice, of which I was suspicious. Why did I not sound quite as hateful as I should be?

"If I wasn't though, would you?"

What a question. If he wasn't a jackass, if biology wasn't so boring, if the fact that I'd never skipped a class didn't get on my nerves so much. If I'd never come to this school!

"If you weren't a complete jackass would I actually like you? Well that's a bit tough since you are a freakin' jackass!"

I was unaware I was shouting until I saw Ryan wince slightly, so I shut my mouth tight and backed into the lockers. Obviously not thinking straight enough to realise that those couple of steps weren't really going to shield my voice from the classrooms along the opposite wall.

"But what if I wasn't?"

It took me a moment to realise what he was talking about. If he wasn't a jackass would I like him? Would I like Ryan with his dark hair and light eyes, with his slightly freckled face and his slightly muscular frame? I wasn't sure since Ryan just wafted jackass-ness as far as I was concerned, it was how we knew each other.

"Then we wouldn't know each other!"

Possibly true.

"How do you know?!"

Okay so how did I know? Because he was a jackass from the beginning, because we meet through that very fact.

"Because we met because you tripped me up and hurled abuse at me!"

Hurled abuse was possibly an exaggeration since he'd just called me an idiot and told me to look where I was going, but in my defence it had been spat at me through clenched teeth.

"We met because you walked into me!"

So maybe I hadn't been paying attention to where I was walking that day, I'd been known to wonder off in to my own little world quite often.

"It was an accident!"

Now that I was sure of. I never actually meant to walk into Ryan, why would I, or anyone for that matter, purposely walk into someone I didn't know?

"You did it on bloody purpose!"


"No I bloody didn't!"

Making fun of the way that he talked probably wasn't my best decision, he can get a little funny about his accent. Personally I think it's quite cute but he didn't need to know that.

Yeah so, moving on from that little confession…I realise my mistake as he neared towards me and damned myself at having backed into the wall earlier. There was no escape.

Ryan, to my knowledge, had never actually hit a girl, but I was quite sure he was considering it right then as he neared me. My heart was beating even more erratically than when I'd heard the bang earlier, or the creak of the door a few minutes later. I would love to say that this was due to fear, but truthfully I think it was more to do with being in suspense. I had no idea what Ryan was going to do and it made me anxious.

When his face was just centimetres from my own I heard the bell ring for last lesson, and had expected Ryan to jump away from me in realisation of what was happening or of the fact that people were going to see him attacking me, but he didn't.

He got nearer.

I heard the classroom doors around us open with a bang at the same time his lips crashed down on mine. And that's when I stopped hearing everything else, all I could focus on was the feeling of his mouth on mine.

And it was amazing.

His lips moved slowly against my own at the same time that his hands rested on my shoulders, I got the impression that maybe he thought I was going to fight him. So I recognised the surprise that shook through him when I lifted my arms and wrapped them round his neck, effectively drawing him closer.

At my acceptance of what he was doing he dropped his hands to rest against my hips, fingers stroking my sides through my thin school shirt.

I'd been focused on the movement of his fingers so much that I nearly gasped when I felt his tongue brush across my bottom lip. I let it sweep across my lip once more before I slowly parted my lips, his tongue meeting my own the moment it could.

It was a while before I could think clearly again and when I could he nipped gently at my bottom lip before pulling me flushly against him and tilting my top half back so my shoulders and head were resting against the wall, his mouth following mine back. To support us his legs were either side of my own and I could quite distinctly feel a bulge in his trousers pushing against me.

Knowing I couldn't let this go any further I pulled my head to the side and stared a little blankly into Ryan Morgan's eyes.

He kept the gaze for a fraction of a second before leaning down and kissing my neck, adding in a few gentle bites that made me have to fight back a moan.

Moaning in school would just be too embarrassing. School…? Shit.

I opened my eyes, which had somehow closed whilst Ryan had been giving his utmost attention to my neck, and realised that there was once again no one in the hallway with us.

"Where'd everyone go?"

I didn't realise that I'd voiced my question out loud until I felt Ryan raise his lips from my neck and let out a confused sounding "Huh".

"Shit, what time is it?!"

Mrs Wilson is going to kill us. Mrs Wilson is going to kill us. Mrs Wilson is going to kill ME.

Since Ryan was being no help I grabbed his wrist and pulled it towards me, only after doing so realising that I was pulling his hand away from its position on my arse.

"Crap we're ten minutes late."

Ryan just continued to stand there looking half confused and half annoyed, with his other hand still on my bum.

I kept hold of his arm and pulled him away towards French, which unfortunately happened to be three corridors away. He better snap out of it soon, he was being difficult currently and I was half pulling him along through his small misguided steps.

"I was looking for you ya know."

I nearly jumped out my skin at the sound of Ryan's voice, I was trying to convince myself that that hadn't just happened but hearing his low and scarily sexy, god what did that kissing do to my brain, voice convinced me that it had in fact just happened.


Ah, I am ever the conversationalist.

"Last lesson."

Wow maybe this whole kissing thing had rendered us both incapable of forming full sentences. Mustn't let him know he's affected me.

"So you were, er, looking for me in the men's bathroom?"

Go me! Not only was it a full sentence but it was also a good quip. I am a woman, hear me roar! Okay so I've just always wanted to use that sentence, though I guess since I'm talking to myself no one has get heard it…

"No, I…Last lesson you weren't sat in Biology so I came looking for you."

Damn his and his longer sentence. Yet at least he was still needing to be pulled along.

"It took you forty minutes to find me?"

I stifled a laugh, still thinking about the possibility of me being in the men's toilets.

"I was trying not to get caught!"

Aww he sounds embarrassed.

"Me too." Deep breath, don't act too serious… "So why we're ya looking for me?"

"To see you. To talk to you. To do this."

He pulled me back by tugging on the arm I was holding and held me closely against him as he kissed me once again. I probably would have let it go on if the face of Mrs Wilson didn't enter my mind and cause me to pull away so quickly I nearly fell backwards.

"Class." He looked a little dejected so I added, "Later.".

When we finally go to the French classroom I was pretty certain we were a good fifteen minutes late. Without turning to face him I said, "We'll talk in detention." to Ryan but I think my foresight was lost on him because he just said "Detention?" in a confused voice to me. Well he'd find out.

Here goes nothing.

Opening the door gave me a view of the class but not the teacher, and the same for them. They openly stared at us, a little paranoid I took my first proper look at Ryan, an overview. And my cheeks lit up, which is really what go me into all this trouble in the first place.

Ryan's clothes were ruffled, his hair messed up and his lips a little red and swollen. I could only think that I looked the same. At least I knew one thing, they would definitely not think me and Ryan had sex which might be assumed by our rumpled looks because Ryan's pants were still in a tent. How very…horrifyingly embarrassing.

"Miss Greene and Mr Morgan how nice of you to join us."

Mrs Wilson came into full view the moment I took a tentative step into the classroom. The fact that she shouldn't even be able to see Ryan from her position was highly embarrassing for me. People must have been talking about our position in the corridor…and Mrs Wilson knew.

"Mrs Wilson…I, um…"

Never before having seen Ryan reduced to such public stuttering I was shocked, but it was short lived because the next bit I knew had been coming all along.

"Both of you, Detention."

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