So you think you're something special?

That of all the boys she's ever loved, she'd choose you?

At home on her bedroom wall there's a row of heads,

They all thought she loved them above all too.

She has no patience for anything she wants,

If it's not easy, it's not worth it,

She crawls into her basement,

And takes another easy hit.

Love her tender,

Love her rough,

It doesn't matter,

You'll never love her enough.

She cries into the night,

Clutching her covers,

She never thought it'd be her life,

This endless ring of lovers.

Her hands shake with fear,

Her head wakes with questions,

She breaks the lock on the cabinet,

With another gulp of hesitations.

And if her boys could see her now,

Would they feel the same way?

She'll tell them, she thinks desperately,

But as she drinks the alcoholic thinks not today, never today.

Love her gently,

Love her rough,

It doesn't matter,

You'll never love her enough,

And she'll remind you, if you forget,

That she's the past you will always regret.

He touches her as she runs,

And she shudders at his skin,

She doesn't like this subtle touch,

He doesn't like how she's gotten so thin.

She tries to turn and run again,

But he stands by the door,

He holds up her secret bottle,

And she thinks she's not hiding anymore.

Instead he presses it to her lips,

And forces her to drink,

She stumbles on her feet,

And to her knees she sinks.

Love her messy,

Love her rough,

It doesn't matter,

It'll never be enough,

And she'll remind you when you forget,

She's the past you'll always regret,

And as she realizes that her life is over,

She'll find the dire consequences for never loving sober.