It was silent. It always had been. Try as she might, Cassandra couldn't hear anything, not even the whisper of wind. The stench of death drifted in the still air. No signs of living form could be seen within sight. Instead, dead bodies were scattered everywhere, most of them unrecognisable. But still, they were there on the ground like unused ragdolls. Dread enveloped Cassandra. She was standing among the remains of strangers and people she knew. Why was she the only one left alive?

Feeling sick, Cassandra tried to focus on something else other than the corpses. She looked around her and realized she was at the football field of her own school. The school building was barely recognisable because it had turned into a rundown structure, as if abandoned for years. Nevertheless, she could still see the entrance door to the hall.

Unconsciously, Cassandra made her way slowly out of the field to the road heading away from school. Now and then she would step on something squishy and did not dare to look down. In fact, she had her gaze held high trying to block her view from the mangle bodies as best as she could. It wasn't a success since the bodies were not only on ground level, but high on trees or lampposts. Whatever had happened, it happened mercilessly.

As if they had a mind of their own, Cassandra's legs carried her through the town which steadily grew gruesome and unimaginable with each step she took. Everywhere she looked, destruction was there. It was like walking in Racoon City of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, except the dead did not walk. Only her will to find anyone alive kept her from keeling over and spill her guts out at the sight of the town. Sometimes the bodies were intact, most were blown to smithereens, while others were chopped and each part was a few feet away from each other.

Cassandra's legs came to an abrupt stop. Now, she was at the edge of the town, seeing an abandoned piece of land. Well, supposedly abandoned piece of land, for now there were two silhouettes standing there. One looked human enough, but there was something about him which screamed I-am-more-superior-than-you-pathetic-humans. On the other hand, his partner was not human at all. From her view which was a few feet away, Cassandra could make the unmistakably sharp claws, a tail like that of a kangaroo, and... did it have wings? Well, she was really glad that neither could see her while she had the perfect view of everything.

The two creatures (is it ok to call them that?) stood facing each other. Though Cassandra couldn't make out their faces, she concluded that both of them were not in good terms with each other. They were waiting for something, like a signal so that they can tear each other apart. Literally. Above them, angry clouds were rolling across the red sky. Lightning flashed but oddly enough, there was no noise. Not even the clap of thunders. Flashes of light illuminated the two figures at the field but Irene still could not see their faces properly.

"Are you scared?" a voice asked beside her, bizarrely familiar. Cassandra turned her head and did the only thing she could. She opened her mouth to let out a blood hurtling scream.