An Icy Tomb

He grasped desperately at the edge. The warmth of his fingers steadily melted away the ice he clung to. He could see his loyal friends attempting to arise. Their bodies weakened from the long-lasting battle. Their eyes widened at seeing his current situation.

"Rhil!" His taller friend gasped. Rhilian felt his adversary cling to his legs with shaking effort. The extra weight proving more than the ice edge could handle. His fingers shook in dedication. His friends made their way quickly to him.

"Tell her... I love her." Rhilian gasped as his friend's hand reached out. With that Rhilian's thick fingers gave way and he fell.

The blackness of the icy abyss consumed him and the dying necromancer, latching onto his legs. The weakened light faded further and soon, all Rhilian could feel was the icy blast of air rushing upwards through his chainmail as gravity took its toll. Adrenaline pumped through his body as the realisation of something hit. He was going to die... in little more than a few seconds. So much left unaccomplished and his wife... His beautiful Minella. She'd never see him again. He'd never see her again. She'd die alone... And all the company he had for the journey to the next life was a demon possessed necromancer. His rival since all this began... since the...

In less than a second he felt the necromancer Krit crumble as his body collided with something solid. His own body followed suit. There was a flicker of pain in his legs along with the sound of simultaneous cracks. It didn't hurt there long... only a dull numbness. His head followed the rest of his body and smacked something hard... he felt the ground crack from the violent collision... or maybe that was his skull. But as soon as it all happened it had dawned on him... He was still alive. Barely. But still alive. A migraine worse than anything he'd ever experienced before. He couldn't feel the lower part of his body, nor his right arm. But he was breathing... no matter how harsh.

He lay there, splayed out with bleeding joints and exposed bones for what seemed like hours. He could see nothing... whether that was from the darkness of the place or he'd lost his vision from the landing seemed unimportant. He dared to hope. That his friends Shuyan and Dytrallious would seek him. Expecting to find a corpse to bury or cremate. A lone tear strolled down his cheek. Would he see Minella again? Kiss her one last time? Tell her how much he loved her? He was suddenly taken from his thoughts as he heard Krit stir. The green flaky body of the necromancer was moving or attempting to.

A whisper of ancient chanting filled the room. The wording harsh but clear. Rhilian tried to move to try see what was happening. Both in futile... His vision remained gone. And his body was beyond repair... no matter how much of his willpower remained. As suddenly as it started, the whispers stopped... leaving only silent blackness. He tried to talk, to clarify. To understand. Even if the answer was from his worst enemy. Yet his mouth would not move. His tongue flickered behind the imprisoning teeth. Yet the only sound that arose from him was deep mumbles and moans.

His ears became used to the silence once more. Yet he could swear there was a noise... distant... just beyond hearing. Similar to trickling of water. As if the cliff-like walls far above were releasing water. Steadily the sound grew. Followed by the sound of droplets colliding next him. In some time later he felt freezing water against his face. It increased in volume... both the sound and amount of water. Soon this cold water flowed over Rhilian's nose and mouth. Panic took him. He couldn't breathe... Finally the water flowed over his hair and he was fully engulfed by this liquid death. A new form of darkness began to take over him. Struggling to hold his breath he gave in and took in a large amount of water. Choking and convolutions took over his functions. And finally he felt nothing... only darkness... and the quiet.