I thought he was there,

but he wasn't.

He never was,

and he never would be.

It replays:

He won't want you.

He won't miss you.

He won't look back.

I fought.

I fought for all we were,

all we could be,

and all we couldn't be.

He enabled me,

knowing too well my hopeless love.

I enabled him,

and he reaped the rewards.

I wait patiently,

knowing my time is gone.

A word from him would cure everything,

make me forget my sorrows,

but he remains mute.

Yet I hold out,

like he knew I would.

I drown myself,

refusing to come up for air,

because then I would have to move.

I can never cut this love.

I want to.

I beg to.

As much as I sing his curses,

I cannot quit,

because quitting means forgetting,

and in forgetting,

I am alone.

I won't forget,

but simply hold him near.

I hate and I love,

Nothing more,

Nothing less.

Never more,

Never less.