Upon looking into the swirling eye of existence,
Never sure of what I'd find,
Doubtfully, I began to see a reality,
Ever changing as the intent of my heart twisted and contorted.
Redemption would be distorted.

He who hath understanding,
Intertwined in mind,
My mind sometimes smothers his light.

Old creases on the cheeks of my face grow whiter with each passing day,
Virtues slip from my head quicker than blood from the dead,
Ever changing what is acceptable and what is not in my mind's eye,
Reverend, do you think I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting into heaven?

He who hath wrath,
In death do I realize the error of my ways,
Many days to come, but I've already persuaded the woods to bow down.

Go On Death,
What've I got to lose?