My love for you is like a long walk on the beach on a day that is unbearably hot but you want to hold hands even though you are in a bad mood.

My love for you is like watching children playing house with each other and watching elderly couples kiss in the park.

My love for you is like a watching the Notebook for the billionth time and crying whenever the title pops up because you know how it ends.

My love for you is like dancing naked in the bedroom when no one is watching.

My love for you is like lying in the cool grass and watching sheep shaped clouds pass you.

My love for you is like getting in an elevator and pressing all of the buttons.

I love you.


Classmates around me were sitting still, shocked as I was. We were given the day off of school to attend the funeral.

The funeral of the boy that was in love with me… He was a well liked kid, handsome in many ways, had a girlfriend, a prefect family, a fucking dog named Rover.

He sent me the letter declaring his love and I rejected him because I didn't feel the same way about him.

He killed himself that night. In his suicide letter he came out gay and asked if they could read a poem that he wrote me at his funeral.

I liked you since the second grade,

Even when I yelled at you,

I like you since you came out gay,

And I'll love you even when I'm dead.

They didn't say my name when his mother cried as she read it but she looked at me with her big blue eyes.

I couldn't breathe so I did the only thing I could think of and that was to cry.


He was really nice to everyone. His girlfriend was even nice. They were the prefect couple.

She came up to me today and asked me if I wanted to visit the grave site with her today even though we've never spoken to each other before. I shook my head no and lowered further in my seat.


I laid next to a thin pale naked body, gently running my hands down his chest.

"I heard about the suicide," he said blowing smoking out of his mouth from the joint he rolled before we had sex.

"I don't want to talk about it," I said pinching an area around his visible rib bones.

"I heard he wrote a letter to you," he laughed then coughed.

"Shut up or I'm leaving," I said turning around from him to stare at the open door of his bedroom.

"I was just fucking joking," he growled sitting up in bed.


I stared at the tomb stone in front of me, the name Markus Tomas engraved in the headstone.

"Hey Mark, I didn't really know you but I heard you loved me so here I am," I said placing a flower in front of an angel.

"My favorite flowers are daisies," I breathed trying to hold back my tears.

"I could've loved you," I said dancing my fingers on the pretty stone.

"Do you want to know about him?" a shaking voice asked behind me. I turned to see his mother in a too big coat holding a bible, his father standing a little behind her.

I took a breath and nodded.


I sat on his bed, his mother excusing herself to go somewhere else that didn't remind her so much of her dead son.

I stared at his closed laptop, curiously I walked to his desk and flipped open the laptop. It was password protected, I stared at it for a long time before looking at the hint.

Someone I love…

I typed in my name and I watched as the computer started up and blank background came up. I went through his documents searching for nothing. I saw a webcam button, a live fed from somewhere else. I looked around his desk for a webcam but didn't see one.

I clicked on the link and waited for the thing to pop up. I waited to see a room pop up on the screen. I stared into the room, noticing a few things, like it was my room and the camera was pointed right to my bed. I licked my lips and exited out of the camera. I closed the laptop and took a deep breath; I stood and walked to the door right as Mr. Tomas was coming in.

"I think I'll be leaving now," I said in a shaking voice. He nodded and offered me a ride home, which I declined.


"I can smell your odor from over here," I said kicking my bare feet up at Eric, my skinny, pale naked kid.

"Doesn't it smell like flowers and weed," he asked lighting a cigarette. I smiled and motioned him to come forward to me to the bed, where I was laying naked and covered in 'love bites'.

"You're sexy," he said pretending to take a picture of me. I smiled at him and stuck my tongue out at him.


I could've loved him, but not like he loved me.


Author's Note: This is short and simple. It is a one-shot. Not much I can do with the rest and I am not going too. So dig, homie.