"Aw, did Claudia get lost on the way to her room?" Josh cooed as I sat down at their table for lunch.

"She didn't get lost. She developed a backbone and realized that you were a retard." Layla shot back at him, glaring daggers. She turned to me sympathetically. "Are you all right? You look kind of edgy."

"All right? Yeah I'm fine," I said, praying that Raziel wouldn't call while I was here.

Josh sighed and ran a hand through his light brown hair. "What is it with you and insulting me?"

Layla ignored him.

"Oh so now you're not going to talk to me?" Josh snorted in disgust and put an arm around my shoulders.

I picked at my food. What if he did call? Raziel had the worst timing I've ever seen. Layla would never let me get away with having a phone like that without telling her how I got it. Josh probably wouldn't be happy about me being seen by a playboy either. I frowned and pushed away my plate.

Layla noticed. "Hey, are you all right? You want to talk about something?"

"No, not really."

"No, you're not all right or no, you don't want to talk?"

"The second one. But I want to go to the room if you're okay with it."

Layla stood up. "Come on then. Let's go."

We didn't say anything to each other until we got to the room. Once we were inside the room, Layla went into the bathroom. I took the chance to try and find a hiding place.

Where? Under the pillow? Under the bed? In the safety deposit box? I stuffed it under my pillow just as Layla came out.

"In all seriousness, you should dump Josh, Claude. He doesn't appreciate you." Layla said.


She frowned at me and crossed her arms over her chest. "Something is wrong with you."

"What? Where did that come from?"


What the hell? That was his ringtone? What a prude. I hoped Layla would think it was the telephone in the room.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

"It's coming from under your pillow."

Damn it. She knew.

"What? Don't be stupid, Lay. It can't come from under my pillow. What, my pillow now doubles as a telephone?"

"No, you're hiding something under the pillow," Layla corrected.

I tried to snort. "What? Pff-What? What in the world would I possibly be hiding under the pillow?"

"A cellphone maybe? But why would you hide it…?" She lunged at me. I shrieked and rolled off my bed and out of the way. Automatically, she took out the cellphone. Her eyes grew wide in shock.

"Oh my God. This…This is the latest model. When did you parents give this to you? Wait, they wouldn't give you a phone like this! You lose your phone almost all the time!" She babbled.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiing. Riiiiiiiiiiing.

"Your dad. Your dad is calling."

Raziel's dad. Judging from the fight they had earlier, it wouldn't be a good decision to answer it. His father might think I'm another one of Raziel's skanks.

"Don't. Please. I'll explain. But turn the thing off, will you?"

She pushed a button and the phone fell silent. Layla patted the bed, which she sat on comfortably.

"Don't stay on the floor, darling. Come up here. It's nice and soft."

With a sigh I got on the bed and looked at Layla in the eye. She sat in the Indian position, legs crossed and all. She grinned at me.

"Well, go on. Don't be shy."

I took a deep breath. "Well, remember when you left me at the pool without clothes?"

"Oh no. You're not going to sulk about that, are you?"

"No, not really." I said. "I was stuck in the pool and there was no way I was going to get out without any clothes on."

"Prude." Layla accused.

"Shh! Anyway, I decided to ask help from this…guy passing by. He got me a towel." I said slowly. "And then when I came back to the room you were on the phone with someone…And I realized that the person who helped me was -!"

"OH MY GOD!!" Layla shrieked. "Raziel? Raziel Giovanni helped you out?"

"Shh!!" I said, trying to calm her down. She was jumping up and down on the bed.

"Then? He gave you his phone?"

"More or less. Please don't tell anyone. If you do word is going to get out that Raziel has a new friend. And you know how the news is about this guy."

"He's got a pregnant ex-girlfriend. Of course it's trouble. He dumped a pregnant girl."

I shut my eyes, pinched the bridge of my nose and exhaled slowly. "No, he didn't. According to him, she dumped him."

"He didn't say anything to the press."

"He probably doesn't want any more trouble for both of them. I think he really loves this girl, Lay."

"Oh? What is that I hear? I think it's the seeds of a crush." Layla said gleefully.

I glared at her.

"Hey, what are you girls doing? I need to borrow some lotion before I hit the beach again." Josh interrupted.

"When did you get a key to our room?" Layla demanded. At once all the mirth in her eyes disappeared.

"I took it from Claudia's purse."

"My purse! Did you bring it with you?" I asked. I left it at the beach this morning! My phone was there! Please let him have brought it back.


"WHAT?!" Layla exploded.

"It's okay. I'll go get it." I scampered out of the room before Layla could give Josh a long speech on how it was NOT okay to leave your girlfriend's bag on the beach. I'd probably get a speech myself on how much of a scumbag my boyfriend was.

The beach wasn't as full as it was this morning. Only a few people here and there. It must be the heat. To my relief, I found my purse intact. All my things were still in it.

"Excuse me…"

I looked up from my purse to see a gorgeous girl. She looked like a model. Tall, skinny, long dark brown hair, pretty white sundress, hat even. As if she came out of a photo shoot.

"I know it's crazy but have you seen Raziel Giovanni here?"

I didn't know paparazzi looked this good. I blinked at her, hoping to let her think that I didn't know where Raziel was.

"Oh…Maybe I should just call. He would answer, won't he?"

Call? Shit. "NO! Don't. Maybe he's somewhere important."

She took out a phone and called him anyway.


"Hello?" She said, her brow furrowing. "You're not Raziel. Where is Raziel? Why is his phone with you? Did you steal it? Hello? Hello?!" She glared at her phone in disgust before she turned to me. "Please, you have to help me. My name is Brianna Winterton. Surely you heard something about me in the news?"

Brianna? Not in the news, no. From Raziel, yes. This was the love of Raziel's life. The one who screwed him over. My fists clenched involuntarily.

"Please. I need to explain to him what happened. I have a child…"

Yeah, not his. But what if she had a reasonable explanation? Raziel sounded like he needed one badly. I opened my mouth to tell her that he was in the resort somewhere but someone beat me to it.


Oh yes. I'd know that silky voice anywhere. Raziel. I turned to him, flustered. His eyes were cold, miserable.

"Raziel, I can explain. Please, we need to talk."

He ignored her and grabbed my arm. "Let's go, Claude."

Before I could protest, he dragged me away. Brianna seemed shocked, hurt and happy at the same time. It was a strange expression to wear, especially if you're watching your ex-boyfriend dragging away a girl you probably think is his girlfriend.

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