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The next morning McKenzie woke up late.

"Oh, shit," She nearly screamed when she saw the time on her clock. It was 5 minutes to 7 and school starts at 7:20. And Austin takes 10 minutes to get there.

"Oh, shit!" She said again, springing up from her bed.

Standing in her lime green bra and blue undies, searching for clothes, she didn't realize that her window was open...for everyone to see.

"Crap! I have nothing to wear!" She whined loudly, scrambling over to her closet.


"Do you think she has any idea?" Kleine asked Austin, his eyes fixed up on the bedroom window of his female best friend.

"Err...." Austin started, trying not to look at her window, but not succeeding. "I don't think so." He finally let out, then taking a sip of his coffee.

Kleine laughed loudly as he looked at his friend's red face.

Kleine, Austin, and Nate sat on the trunk of Austin's car, at first waiting for Kenzie to come rushing out but soon Austin and Kleine got...distracted.

When McKenzie first passed by the window in her lime green bra Austin choked on his coffee, Kleine grinned widely, and Nate nearly screamed in disgust, shoving his nose into his homework and never looking up again.

She stopped again in front of her window, in jeans, now holding up two shirts, trying to decide which one she should wear.

Suddenly Kleine jumped off the car and yelled,


"What?!" She yelled back, anger and annoyance heard in her voice. She knew she was late. Leaning out the window she yelled, "What?" once more.

Looking directly at him she saw a large smirk on his face.

"I like the green better." He told her pointing to the green shirt in her right hand.

Suddenly a red flush filled her face, as she realized what she was, or really wasn't wearing. She hurriedly left the window and pulled the shirt on.

Grabbing her books and her bags she hurried out of the house and across the street.

Standing in front of the 3 boys with hands on her hips she glared at them.

"How long had you been watching me?"

"Not long." Austin told her.

Kleine smiled at her.

"I like you in green." He told her, pulling at her green shirt. "It matches your eyes." He finished, letting go of her shirt.

Turning red she mumbled "Uhh...thanks." And headed towards the car.


"Do you have practice today?" Austin asked McKenzie.

"Uh..." Squinting her eyes up in concentration. "Yeah."

The four walked across the school parking lot.

"What time does it end?" Kleine asked her, hitching his bag over his shoulder.

"4:30 I think. Why?" She asked him, while fixing her shirt.

"Cause we were talkin about startin up a game and I need my partner." He grinned elbowing her.

She laughed. "We'll see."


"Kenzie! Kenzie!" A shout came from across the hall. McKenzie lifter her head and found her best girl-friend walking towards her.

"Hey, Julie!" McKenzie smiled as her raven-haired friend came up to her.

"So how was your weekend?" Kenzie asked.

Julie was about to respond when Nate stepped around Austin to open his locker. She turned bright red and closed her mouth. McKenzie smiled at her friend.

"I'll see you guys later." McKenzie told the boys as she took Julie's arm and dragged her away.

Julie sighed. "He's soo cute!"

McKenzie laughed. Julie has had a crush on Nate since she first met him in 7th grade.
"Normally you never shut up." McKenzie laughed at her friend. "Now we need you to actually talk in front of him." McKenzie told her friend as they walked to class.


"Dude,what was that all about?" Nate asked Kleine in English.

"What was what all about?" Kleine asked as he pulled out his books.

"With Kenzie?" Nate asked about his cousin.

"What about Kenzie?" Kleine sighed.

"You were flirting with her." Nate stated.

"No I wasn't." Kleine stated, looking away from Nate.

"Then why won't you look at me?" Nate asked, smirking at his friend.

Kleine glared at his friend and was just about to respond when,

"Quiet down, class." Their teacher said before opening her book.


"Okay, Ladies!" Yelled a pretty lady with wrinkles forming on her face. "Come here and gather round."

Eight sweaty girls jogged up to their coach, circling around her.

"Okay, ladies, this was a good first practice but were still out of shape." She told the girls, looking at each one in turn. "So were going have to work harder." Each girl nodded. "McHale, you need to work on your spike. Its good but it needs to be great." She stressed.

"Yeah, Coach owen." McKenzie responded, nodding her head.

As Coach Owen finished her speech each had been told something they needed to work on.

Running around the locker room gather her stuff, McKenzie heard her cell phone beep. Tripping over her bag she checked her phone.

~Hurry up! Austin and Nate have plans. So you gotta hurry if you wanna play!~ Kleine texted her.

Shoving everything into her bag she ran out of the locker room, still in her short spandex shorts, her practice shirt, and, even, her knee pads.

"Excuse me! Pardon me!" She yelled as she ran through the numerous girls and parents as she made her way to the parking lot.

"Kleine!" She yelled as she saw him chatting with some bouncy blonde. "Come on already! I have to beat Nate! He owes me!" She finished as she jumped into Kleine's Dad's truck. Without even a good-bye Kleine followed McKenzie into the truck.

"Whose the blonde?" McKenzie laughed.

"Some mom." He responded, cranking the engine alive.

"No way!" She gasped.

"Yes way!" He laughed. "So what's the bet again?" Kleine asked.

"If we win Nate has to clean my grandpa's shed, ask Julie out, and give me his old laptop." She smiled.

Pulling out onto the highway Kleine grimaced then laughed.

"You're making him clean out that man's shed?"

"Yes!" She laughed evilly.

"That thing hasn't been cleaned out in over 20 years, I bet you that."

"Exactly. And my grandma is making me do it!" She scoffed.

"Oh, no! How dare she?!" Kleine asked playfully.

"Oh, shut up!" She told him, slapping him on the arm.

He only laughed.

"What are your bets?" McKenzie asked.

"Austin has to clean my car for a month, let me copy off any and all homework till graduation, and give me one of those basketballs." He told her, rolling down all the windows.

"A basketball?" She asked increduously. "You can get one of those at Wal-Mart!"

"Exactly! But I get it for free!" He grinned at her.

She shook her head and laughed at her friend.

"All I know is , we better win."

"Same here, McHale, same here." Kleine agreed as he turned into Range Wood.


"Oh! OH! Oh! McHale pass it!" Yelled Kleine.

The girl passed the ball to the tall boy. Catching it he dribbled around Austin, passing Nate and dunking.

"Now were tied!" He shouted to his friends.

"Just check it." Austin growled.

Blocking Austin's pass Kleine dribbled the ball to the hoop, Nate blocked him.

"McHale! McHale!"

McKenzie shoved Austin out of her way and caught the ball Kleine threw at her.

"Oh! OH! Oh! SHOOT!"

Seeing the opening she jumped performing her famous fade-away and all she got was net.

"Yes! Yes!" McKenzie shouted, pumping her fist in the air.

"McHale! Yes!" Kleine screamed, lifting the girl and spinning her around. She squeezed him tight before he let her down.

"Yes! In your face!" Kleine screamed into Austin's face.

Both Austin and Nate looked angry.

"Why didn't you push her?" Nate asked Austin, pushing his friend roughly.

"Why didn't you block Kleine?!" Austin shouted back, getting into Nate's face.

Kleine caught Kenzie's eye, and both burst out into laughter.

"We won! We won! We Won! We won!" McKenzie sang as she danced aound the fussy boys.

"Okay! Okay!" Kleine chuckled, stepping between Nate and Austin, he cut the two boys off.

"Time to deal out the bets!" McKenzie sing-songed.

Both boys simultaneously crossed their arms and glared at McKenzie and Kleine.

"Would you do the honors?" Kleine asked in a scratchy British accent, bowin towards McKenzie.

"Of course!" She replied in her own British accent.

Stepping up in front of Nate she said happily,

"I have Nate!"

Nate groaned throwing the basketball at a nearby tree.

McKenzie laughed lightly, "Okay, Nate. Here we go." She clapped her hands together merrily.

"One, you have to clean out grandpa's shed!"

"Yuck! Fuck no! He hasn't cleaned that thing out in 20 years!!"

"Two." She put up two fingers. "You must give me your old laptop." Nate shrugged. "And three!" She said dramatically. "Drum roll please!" Kleine raised his hands and pretended to beat the drums in the air, "Da, da, da, bah, bah, duh , duh, da, da, daaaa!!"

"You have to," She pointed to Nate. "Ask Julie out on a date."

"Whaat?!" He screamed, his face turning red. "Why would I do that?" He spluttered out.

McKenzie smiled simply, putting a hand on her hip, ready to explain her logic to her obviously slow cousin.

"Because one, its a bet. You have to do it." She emphasized. "And two, because you like her!"

His eyes bugged out behind his black square glasses.

"Wha-wha-what?!" He stammered. "What drugs are you on?"

"The same ones you're on!" She told him sarcastically. "And the guys agree with me too." She pointed to Austin and Kleine. "Right?" She asked them.

Both nodded.

"Yeah, man, she's right." Kleine told him.

"You've liked her since last year and you know it." Austin told him.

"Yeah you little slut!" Kleine laughed. "You gotta ask her out."

"I don't know..." Nate trailed off, looking at the ground.

"You have to." Austin told him. "This bet could be the best bet yet."

"I agree." McKenzie smiled. "But we can't tell her it was a bet." She told them seriously. "Okay? It will crush her."

"Okay." The boys agreed.

"Good!" She smiled. "Now who's ready for a rematch?" She asked jumping up and down.

"Yeah!" The boys hooted.

"Wait!" Kleine yelled as McKenzie leapt to shoot.

Nate and Austin froze in place. And Kenzie froze,too, dropping the ball. They all turned to stare at him.

"Are you wearing your knee pads?"

Everyone laughed as McKenzie patted the the pads tenderly.

"Yes, I am." She grinned