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"Kenzie!" Julie screamed, running to the girl in the cafeteria.

"What?" McKenzie asked, biting into her chicken sandwich.

"Guess who wants to talk to me after school?!" She giggled, sliding on the bench across from McKenzie.

"Oooo, the Weasleys?!" She asked excitedly, picking up her milk.

"No!" She screamed.

"Fine!" McKenzie pouted. "Who then?"

"Nate!" Julie screamed again.

Kenzie just smiled secretly, "I wonder what he wants."

"Me too!" Julie smiled dreamily, clearly oblivious to her friend's behavior.

McKenzie just laughed at her friend and scrapped up some potatoes with her spoon.


"What are you going to say to her?!" McKenzie shouted as she ran down the crowded hall to her cousin and two friends.

"What?" Nate asked, hitching his backpack over his shoulder and staring down at his cousin.

McKenzie stomped her foot and took a deep breath, "I said: What are you going to say to her?!"

"Oh…" Nate turned red and his eyes began to wander.

The girl began to bounce on her feet, smiling widely.

"Come on, Nate! She's soo excited!"

"Oh, God, you're all girly on us!" Kleine shouted, throwing a hand to his face. "You better just tell her so she'll shut up!"

McKenzie just put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

"See!" He pointed. "Girly!"

"I am a girl!"

Austin stepped in before a real fight could start.

"Do you have practice today?" He asked, steering the girl towards her last class.

"Yes, but - !"

"Let's go to class!" Austin yelled.


After school everyone had practice, McKenzie at volleyball, Nate at swimming, Austin and Kleine at basketball.

"What's going on with you and McKenzie?" Austin asked Kleine, passing the ball to him.

"What?" Kleine asked in surprise, still making the Free-Throw.

"You guys keep bickering a lot lately. Are you fighting?"

"What?" Kleine laughed. "No, we aren't, we just bicker."

"Okay…" Austin answered, still not certain about his friend's answer.

"Just shoot the ball!" Kleine laughed.


"What are you doing this weekend?" Kleine asked from his spot on McKenzie's bed.

"I was hopping to go dress shopping with Julie, actually." She answered, looking into her vanity and pulling her hair up. "You?"

"Rumor has it a keggar is happening at the Jeffery's this weekend. So, we'll probably hit that up." He responded, tossing McKenzie's 'Game Ball' into the air.

"We?" Kenzie asked, swievling around in her chair to stare at the boy.

"Yeah. You, me, Nate, and Austin. Us." He answered. Giving her his 'duh, you hoe' look.

"Oh... I didn't realize I was invited." She sniffed. "Don't need to be so rude!"

Kleine just laughed at her turned up nose.

"Kleine, you're stupid!" She yelled, jumping on her bed and smacking the boy in the stomach.

"OW! McHale, you hit like a bitch!" Kleine cried out, rubbing his stomach.

McKenzie just turned on her back and smiled. "Can I bring Julie to this keggar?"

"I suppose. I assume Nate is going to bring her." Crossing his hands behind his head. "Say, what do you need a dress for? You don't wear dresses."

"Yes I do!" She nearly shrieked. "I wore one last week, Kleine." She huffed loudly, leaning back against her pillows.

"That green thing? Are you serious?! That thing looked like a smock!" He laughed loudly, holding a pillow close to his face. Obviously he doesn't want to get punched, or smacked again.

"What? A smock? You're such a jerk, Kleine!" She sniffed, crossing her arms.

Kleine just rolled his eyes, "What do you need this dress for?"

"Coach Owens is having this banquet, award ceremony thing this year." She explained quietly. "And I have to dress up fancy for it."

"Ooohh!" Kleine responded interestingly, rubbing his chin for affect. "Kinda like the basketball awards every year?"

"Yeah!" McKenzie agreed, turning on her side to look at the boy.

"Does that mean you get to invite a date?" He asked innocently, a little too innocently.

"Um, I'm not sure actually. I'd have to ask Owens." McKenzie replied, completely oblivious to the boy's question.

"Interesting." He responded dully, absent-mindedly playing with McKenzie's stuffed dog.

"Yeah. Want to watch some TV?"

Without waiting for his response she turned on the TV and silence settled between them.