Blood drips down my finger tips

From the mirror that I have broken

Glass shoved deep in my skin

My body now has spoken

I blacked out I didn't know

The stress was just too much

I felt the anger deep inside

My fists began to clutch

I looked into the mirror

Saw the tears drip from my eyes

I could not believe this was happening

It was too much of a surprise

I looked down as I realized

I hated you for this

You dragged me deep down with you

Far from any bliss

I could not feel my fingers

I could not feel my toes

I looked down at my hand

Down the drain the blood goes

The pain I couldn't feel

The blood I couldn't stop

I felt my legs and arms go numb

I was about to drop

I turned the shower on

Hot as it would go

Stripped out of my bloody clothes

And slipped in nice and slow

I sat there and I wondered

Was this the end finally?

I would never have to see you

My heart filled with glee

I would never have to see your face

You devil eyes how they shine

Id never have to see your hips

And all of this would be divine

Then I heard the pounding

At the bathroom door

My sister called an ambulance

The blood spread on the floor

They picked me up the tub

Told me I would survive

I cried more then I ever had

Knowing this was not goodbye