How do I describe the pain of being broken

How do I describe the feeling deep inside

How do I describe the feeling of a true surrender

How do I describe the feeling of wanting so bad to die

How do I describe the looks I get

When through my halls I walk

They say this place is a home

But that is all just talk

I feel the pull of hatred

When I walk into my door

I feel the pain of poverty

When I lay upon the floor

I feel the freezing water

For costs of heats to high

I feel the roughness of my clothes

After they've been worn the millionth time

The kids at school they laugh

They don't know what I see

They never even take the time

Just to get to know me

But even if they did

They would run away and hide

For I have to much hate to smile

Not much longer I can survive

I try to run away

Up to the tallest roof

There problems disappear

I cant show you proof

It feels as if your floating

As if you have no cares

It give you strength for later

With the pain that you must bare

Then when it is time to come down

I don't feel so alone

Its as if god is telling you

Come on now go on home

I know one day ill make it

Out of this hateful place

Until that day I sit here

Trying to hide my face