My heart it beats rapidly

As I see you behind the door

You walk past like we never loved

Like we never loved before

It feels like a piece of glass

Stabbing threw my heart

The face you give me

Just the glance

Shows me we have pulled apart

Maybe if I tried harder

Showed you all my love

Gave you my entire heart

Smothered you like a glove

Maybe if I didn't hang back

Wait for you to come to me

Maybe if I came to you

Maybe you would have seen

The day you called and said

I don't feel the same way

Maybe if you had seen my face

My tear covered face that day

I loved you more than the ocean

More than the birds in the sky

I loved you more than life itself

Why did you say goodbye

You were my world

You were all of my life

With out you now love is gone

Nothing left to feel or hold nothing left but strife

Why should I keep on going?

My life's not worth a dime

With out you life is pointless

It's just a waste of time

You have completely broke me

Tore my heart right out

Loving doesn't seem possible

Of this I have no doubt

Because when I think of someone else

You pop into my head

And how you looked so peaceful

Laying in my bed

How your arms felt soft and sensitive

Wrapped around me tight

I will not love anyone else

I can't forget that night

I told you that I loved you

Why did you not say the same?

Why did you shove it back at me?

As if I am just to lame

I will move on from here someday

And you won't mean a thing

I will find someone new

And happiness they'll bring