-1Marie Antoinette, nude

La beatific mademoiselle,
apricot-fair, as any Austro alliance before her.

La euro Marie!
Imbroglio the current
statelessness of affairs.
A franc for your thoughts?
Although, she never spoke
good French, many do
not remember that, they

her mask of impartiality, her
wig, foppish, a-faced somewhat
masculine in it's tenderly tepid

And cake, of course!

Although she was nude
most of the time, her letters
for Joseph, most awkwardly

intercepted, and that horrible
business with Fersen.

Hush, hush Marieā€¦

It is not often remembered
that her breasts were pearly white;
nefarious complexion, contrite,
sometimes precise

marble statuesque. Her
lovers often leave out that
that at night she continued to
say her prayers, that Louis
Auguste was beloved to her,

as all the Louis' before him,
like paper dollhouses, and
impoverished shepherds,

lavish to look upon, but unable
to support much else.

Her enemies, forget that she
was sadly, all too foolish,
and the mask she wore

weighed her down from time
to time.