Know Me

Every day I look for


The smokingly hot captain

Of the cheerleading squad.


When she walks in,

My eyes fasten on her fine

Swaying hips

And her

Tight ass.


Today she is wearing her

Cheerleading uniform

With the plunging neckline

Revealing the lines of her



A surge of excitement

Sends a shiver through

My body.


Jesus! She is wearing that

Cute short skirt!


Her gorgeous calves and

Those legs

That could wrap around me

Twice and never

Let go.


She brushes her hair over her

Perfect shoulder.

Heat washes through me and

I sink lower

Into my seat.

My pants are becoming increasingly




I'll have to visit the bathroom

After class.


When I try to talk to her,

My tongue forgets itself,

My heart flops and

My body loses all control.


She always laughs at me then

And calls me something

I never remember.

Whatever it is, it must be funny.

I'm just glad to hear her laugh.


I wonder if she dreams of me

Like I dream of her

Every night,

Waking up with damp sheets,

Disappointed that it was only

A dream.


I wonder if she even

Knows my name.