The Watcher

Into the burning crimson sky

The Watcher flies passing through

A sea of clouds and passers-by

Of his own kind, brotherly brood

The landless atmosphere

To a backdrop over a weeping world

Seems like forever ago

A time long before stories told

Of denizens which crawling like infants

Carved their dwellings from dirt and stone

And spread irrationally

Slowly devouring the Watcher's home

Hide, hiding from demons

Shrieking the howls of feelings

Lost in anguish and reason

Terrified inside, the Watcher writhes

Tide and time revolves again

Passing seasons give rise to inventions

Born from those flightless beings

Called Man in his own evolution

Seeking to ascertain

His superiority over nature

Using science and philosophy

To conquer the unknown realm

Of the imagination nurtured

And amass collectively into civilization

Repressed back the Watcher soars

Seeking respite though finding it alone

Sight, sightless and cornered

Backing to border the bloodlust

Which claws at the edges of order

Tossed aside, so the Watcher cries

Once more the Watcher takes wing

Over the seas and to the shore

Settlements of groundlings strewn

Far and wide settling scores

With brutality and grief-stricken

Tones undermining the lessons beat

Into the minds of children at home

Taken for granted as discipline

To cover up the pain with dusted feet

And leave injustice hanging within

The deadened hearts of tomorrow

It's progression within immorality

Lies, lies through reason

Taking the reason and turning

It to bitterness that burns

Inside, so the Watcher spies

Through the darkness of stormy night

Climbing higher to see the moonshine

The Watcher, the witness, the crime

Of one being murdering another

Out of sight within a shadowed alley

For want of another drink, a chain

That binds goodness and mercy

Sought by the weak, those souls lost

Desecrated in name and gain tossed

Aside like garbage and wasted feelings

Closer now, the answer, it's bright

And blinding, but what is the cost?

Fight, fighting your fate

Is a foolman's dreamy mistake

To think the world owes you

Something, thus the Watcher escapes

With ragged breath and heavy wing

What was observed nary a good thing

Upward now to withstand the heat

The Watcher reels from hatred discreet

And madmen on top of the chain

Pulling the strings and reveling in pain

Caused by their actions and results in

Wickedness accepted as government

Choking on the ashes of advancement

Having nowhere else to turn He vents

In rage against all that stands for mankind

Lost now, plummeting, the Watcher dies