The Future Is

The final ray of light
smacked our eyes violently, knocked
us back and presented a
lack thereof future.
The sun was left and the
moon was right and we
saw eyes had seen
everything and the universe made sense:
inertia, gravity, it's all blood in
veins, our grasp of concepts
as useless as our intelligence.

The final ray of light seemed
to shift to another direction
(we are not alone after all),
the sky was left unresurrected and
we faced that unresolved fear
that is the blackness, the absurd vastness
of space. Pages of questions
paved our existence, but we never
lived, but we couldn't live
without it, but we never found any answers,
but we never stopped asking, but
we never stopped at all for anything,
just followed blindly.
And, finally, at long last,
just as the sky tore open,
everybody everywhere grabbed everyone and,
at the same time, we sang:

"One day this will kill me.
One day this will kill me.
One day this will kill us all."