i know that i just made you upset,

just tell me now,

i'd hate it if you kept it all bottled up,

i can't stand you hiding something from me,


we're getting serious again,

why can't i just live my life with giggles?

i talk too much,

you're probably freaking out inside,


i bet you think, 'why doesn't she just leave me alone?'

i ask you to leave me,

and you say you never will,

how did i deserve a guardian angel like you?


you swear that i didn't do anything wrong,

how do you think i'm flawless?

i'm weak, pathetic, emotional,

can't you see it?


i beg you to let go,

get a better friend,

what do i have that you want?

you insist i'm good,


i'm confused,

what do you see in me?

am i just some charity case?

i'm frustrated,


can't you just go?

everyone else has left me,

backstabbed me,

i'm waiting for the day,


just make it quick,

i'm impatient,

i'm selfish,

please don't leave me,


you're my sanity,

i can't imagine my life without you,

you're the best friend that can ever exist,

and i still don't deserve you,


i can't wait for your time to come,

i want the best for you,

i know it's not me,

but love will make it up for it,


i know i hurt you,

but you still keep me as a friend,

you confuse me,

can't you see that i am worthless?


i want you to admit your feelings,

tell me i'm everything i think i am,

can't you just make an exception?

i need you to hurt me, deeply,


give me everything that i deserve,

lash out on me,

why are you so nice?

where's my punishment?


i'm so used to all the cruel words,

why should i believe yours?

i hate to call you a liar,

but i don't know how to say it better,


i've always been so bad at everything,

you know that,

but you deny it,

what are you thinking?


i know that i just made you mad,

and i always ramble,

can't you get a clue?

i'm no use for you.