Under the sunlight

She is with the brown-eyed boy

The one who is always there

The one who texts her after school

And he is her best friend


But she doesn't love him

Like he loves her

He's the perfect boy

For her

But he means nothing to her


Because in the cover of night

She's in love with the blue-eyed boy

He can only talk to her in secret

Because to be seen together

Is worse than getting your heart ripped from your body


They once had something accepted,

It was more beautiful than the rising sun

But society covered it in a steel blanket

Of lies, anguish, sorrow, and tears


But soon after they escaped from that blanket

It was melted into them

But unfortunately,

It still covered the rest of the world


Will people ever get over what he did to her?

Forgive him like she did?

Or will they continue this cycle of hate?

Can't they just accept that [we] love each other?