this new feeling inside,

have i felt it this strong?

i can't breathe,

heart beating,


boom boom pow,

am i going to survive this?

i hear your name,

i smile,


just stop this,

but i can't stop thinking about you,

everything reminds me of you,

could you feel the same way?




i feel sick,

my stomach, flopping,


i can't stop giggling,


am i really in love?

i twirl my hair in thought,


i feel a warm sensation,

could this be returned?

i want this so bad,

but will i ruin it?


i'm wondering if this is my shot,

will i blow it?

i can't take the chance,

i can't take the chance,


catch me,

i'm falling,

are you there?

i want you there,


please don't leave me,

i've known you for so long,

could this friendship turn into love?

do you want me forever?


i can see you treating me right,

i've been betrayed so many times,

i'm longing for your confession,

sweet words of prolonged obsession,


is everyone correct?

destiny and soulmates,

i can see you smiling at me,

all i want is you,


i can't believe that i've fallin' for you this hard,

i've caught the lovebug,

and i'm hoping it's contagious,

can you feel it?


flirt with me,

i want to feel your emotion,

i'm hooked,

addiction so wonderful,


unintential touches,

i shy away,

i can't help but blush,

did you see that?


my hands are still cold,

maybe you should warm them up?

warm me up?


i wish that you just look at me,

full of admiration,

you know me so well,

can't we just go a step further?


i want to say it,

i want to hear it,

i've been waiting,

i've been waiting,


i love you,

i think i love you,

my heartbeat says so,

do you know so?

(what does yours say?)