He landed on his opponent with force as he scrambled to pin whatever he could grab down to the living room floor. With a great stroke of luck he managed to grab two wrists. He held them down and swung his leg over the body, sitting dominantly on his opponent's stomach in the position called Mount. He laughed as his partner tried desperately to free their wrists, distracting him with mock despair as they stealthily slid their leg his over his foot.

"Give up?" the boy panted as his partner unsuccessfully tried to buck him off.

"In your dreams!!!" Came the response as the boy was rolled to the side his unnoticed trapped leg was under and the loser became the winner once more. The boy struggled once more to gain the dominant position, his strength and history of wrestling outweighed any chance his opponent had. He could very easily submit his partner but he didn't want to just yet, he was having too much fun.

Laughter bubbled happily through both parties' as they continued to wrestle, rolling around on the floor. He was much gentler to his opponent than they were to him; the boy hoped his opponent didn't notice the leniency he was giving. He knew he'd get lectured about cheating if it was noticeable enough. He just didn't want to be too rough.

The boy once again rolled onto his opponent's stomach in mount position, this time not budging. He'd humoured the other person long enough; it was time to let them see that he was the champion, in the most modest way of course. This time he pinned their arms to their sides. When they subtly moved their leg over his foot to bridge him off he took notice. He would win this time.

His opponent struggled under his weight, squirming and bucking trying to find an escape.

The boy laughed in a friendly way as a look of frustration fell upon his opponents face, still squirming uselessly.

He leaned his head down towards her, still holding her arms tight to his body, his eyes glimmered with triumph. The stubborn look on her face softened when she saw the gleam of happiness in his eyes as he leaned closer to her. She was sure the same happiness was there in her eyes too.

The girl stopped squirming under her wrestling partner and tried to read his expression. The smirk on his lips was an unmistakable grin saying, "You lose," but his dark brown eyes whispered ever so softly, "I love you".

The girl stuck out her bottom lip in desperation, painting an irresistible pout on her face. Seemingly admitting defeat, trapped under his strength she demanded, "Now what?"

His nose lightly brushed her skin and her cheeks burned.

"Surrender?" he asked, his lips brushing softly against her neck. Her skin tingled with wonderful electricity where his lips had touched her.

She turned her head and he pulled his face from her neck, his head right above hers. His mint breath caressed her skin. Her ocean eyes glittered up at his, catching the dancing reflection of the living room lights dimly lit above them. His iron grip held strong as he gazed into her eyes. Their lips were a hair away from touching.

Silence hung suspended in the air for a moment. The tension between the two pairs of lips not touching was unbearable.

She gently lurched forward and their lips collided softly. His iron strong grip on her arms melted into a light embrace and her arms naturally moved to cling to him. She pressed her lips harder into his as they rolled on the floor, clinging differently to each other than they had before. It had been about proving strength before, now it was equality. Two equals lost in the embrace of one another.

After a moment she pulled her lips away from his, mischief gleaming in her smile.

He looked up at her from his back, wondering why she'd stopped so achingly abrupt. She lay on his stomach, her hands resting on his chest.

"I win," she smiled.