Counterfeit Actuality
How can you stand there and tell me that
What kind of thing are you trying to sell
I know the truth about you
I see into your web
I can look into the heart of the beast
I wonder if its is something you do out of rage or hate
But no
Out of fun or love of the game
I don't think so
Change will save me from you
The only thing that will free me
You say I'm depressed
I don't see it
I am me
Therefore you should bite your tongue
Let me live in my own world
Away from you
Far away
In another time and space all together
Away from the prison you put me in
Locking me in with the power of your words
I won't take it
I'm leaving this
Saying what I want to say
Doing what I wish
I'm harsh
Don't think there will be a forth chance
I have locked you out of me
No more
I'm free of you
Never again
I would like to thank you
Thank you I'm smarter now
I have adapted to your kind
Nothing will hurt me anymore
You have your soul mate
In the mirror
I have said what has been needed to say
From the beginning of time
It has been needed
Just one little word