I couldn't count the amount of droplets flying at my skin now, there were too many. So I kept walking.

The white dress that had been scuffed with desert dust had melted onto my skin, my hair naturally clung to itself attempting to create heat. I kept walking.

A light blinked at a steady speed behind me, I half debated going towards it but my mind in it's cold state reasoned that by changing course only more freezing conditions would be suffered. So I kept walking.

I hugged my arms closer to my chest and saw a river of blood being washed away by the continuous onslaught of rain. I moved my arm upwards and saw that there was a small gash, it couldn't have been very deep. I shivered. And I kept walking.

A droplet curved off my nose. Sniffing upwards the conifers surrounding the road intruded on my nostrils, but the main smell was healthy. A fresh, watery smell that made you feel like mother nature had poured some life giving substance on your soul. I kept walking.

A few cars went past, one with flashing lights and I was careful not to let them hit me. I wondered about their destination, had there been an accident on the road? I tried to remember, but there didn't seem to an explanation or memory in my head. A faint voice started to accompany the generous curtsy of the rain, but I couldn't decode it's meaning so I kept walking.

It was getting louder, the voice was calling something, someone. I considered turning but my brain argued the point about the weather again. So I kept walking.

The distance between me and the voice was decreasing rapidly, I started to run, praying that I wouldn't have to find out what that person was trying to find.

A rock, small enough so I didn't see it, but big enough so I could trip and fall, appeared. The angle of the rain managed to reposition itself on my back.

The indecipherable voice came again, it was by my side now. Pressure and warmth increased as someone tried to help me up, I clung to the person stealing every scrap of heat I could find. They tried to walk me back the way I'd come, and my head screamed out in protest that the wind would attack us if we went that way. I attempted to tell the person this but I don't think they understood. They picked me up and began to carry me, I was going to squirm out of their grasp but the warmth of their chest stopped me. They kept walking.