Cactus Pal

Cats can be lovely pets,

Fish are really neat,

I hear that rabbits are wonderful,

And that hamsters can't be beat.

Dogs are man's best friends,

And a giraffe will trim your trees,

But my pet is much better,

As perfect as you please.

He may be a little prickly,

But deep down he's very sweet,

He happens to be classified as a plant,

But he's a better friend than wheat.

True, he's spiky,

But his heart is open wide,

He lives in a little reddish pot,

And sits vigil at my bedside.

Yes, my best friend is a cactus,

And he's a perfect pet,

Not so great for snuggle time,

But as good a listener as they get.

My cactus is not badly behaved,

And never leaves his pot,

I don't see why people mistrust him,

'Cause he's really all I've got.

So other people can get dogs and cats,

Sheep and fish and ant farms, too,

And my house will become a garden,

While theirs becomes a zoo.

I'll just stick with my pokey friend,

Who's so much better than the rest,

And they can keep their 'normal' pets,

But my cactus is the best!