Through the Cracks

It used to be solid and stable
Withstood the toughest trial
But its defenses are now disabled
And into the depths do I spiral.

With my mood-temperature flaring
And the drops in my eyes burning
Demons have begun dangerous daring
The ocean in my stomach's churning.

The brinks of insanity I'm walking
Thoughts in my brain become bleak
Self-created and eternal exile stalking
In these cryptic words I speak.

I've begun to disregard my safety nets
As I've learned on them not to depend.
A twisted relief—on this my mind sets
Because this falling I cannot do again.

I'm content to lay in the loudest silence
Convinced that in this darkness I do belong
As it would end my pathetic dependence
To the belief that I am strong.

I've screamed myself into severe insomnia—
Always seem to rant and rave—
Frustrated myself into states of nausea
Drowned in tears—sent to my grave.

No answer will be given to this question
And my cries of misery the air will lack
And it's all because a simple distraction
Allowed me to fall right through the cracks.