Betrayal Within

Deep inside my heart
A blazing whirlwind begins to start
It pushes and pulls like a saw
Cuts through my heart like its straw

He's better than me
And that is true
He makes you happy
Is it bad if that makes me happy?

I can live with a little sadness
Down in my heart
A little betrayal
Comes within my heart

These feelings are mixed
Without a doubt
And I'll never begin
To let them out

And one day if I do,
I'll find out I'm not good enough for you
Because hey isnt that the way things always go?
The answers are always no, and no

So tell me why does one bother
Tell me why do I bother
I can't expect you to feel the same
On this feeling only I lay a claim

Why do I go and pour my heart out my fingers
When I know exactly what your going to say
First my heart and then my tears
From the depths come my darkest fears

Alone I am and will be
Though I'd rather see you happy
So I will suffer on days
Where I feel yet no worth

And tell me why
After all of this
You say your feelings are not the same
Tell me why the hell it doesnt put me off
Tell me why I get butterflies when I hear your name
Tell me why it's your prescence I always notice most
And can you please tell me why you have the cutest smile?

And tell me why your so nice
Tell me I'm worthless, turn your heart to ice
Tell me why I was made this way
And tell me how much skin I've flayed

So now you know how I feel
And how hard the world's hand can deal
Maybe one day I'll find comfort
In your happiness
Besides I never said anything when you were
And I also never said anything when you weren't gonna be
It's funny how life sets up situations
It's funny how he put up the roadblocks, how he is cold as concrete

I'll fake this smile, I'll flash these teeth
I'll pretend everything is okay
Please be happy and then I will be
Life is but a fragile piece

From my fingers flow my thoughts like wisps when I think of you
Of a girl who's hair is as fine as silk, who's smile is as cute as a puppy, and who's heart is as pure as a little girl
So read my thoughts, only you will, open only to you.
I just really thought you should know...